baby work is the yang mi son to take on all hide her daughter who is a good mother

baby new year 29 years old, last year gave birth to love crystallization with huang xiaoming small sponge, finally circle huang xiaoming parents have grandchildren wishes.

recently, baby routinely attend hold the god of wealth in the activity to be held in hong kong, this is the baby for the first ten years of mammon activities, from she was a little to attend as a teenager.visible this activity to the baby, and baby again busy will also take time out for hong kong to participate in the activities in the past.

this in hong kong to attend this activity, with reporters in a rare baby talk about the family with her son.

now said to have reached the age of 1 year old son, small sponge, baby say where her son to where, and think that even if the pain is also worth it, after all, you can talk with son often together, this is also a working mother wishes.

the baby to work during the day, his son to go to sleep at night.son woke up at night and she take care of yourself.

and asked huang xiaoming is there to help take care of, mom baby smile said, boy or put work first!in a word, dissolve the huang xiaoming isn't how to take care of the children of embarrassing...first-class protection, capability!

and people have been curious second child, the baby also give an answer:to have, but to wait for a few years.

so, baby is actually a very good mother.

journalists often photographed with a baby son, basically all is her child in her arms, even if with staff have a mother-in-law, but are committed himself to his holding her son.

on the plane, is with the engine room of exposure, baby all the way holding the son, patience and coaxing children for take-off and landing is a little small mood, very gentle and patient, is next to huang xiaoming's mother, but she didn't intervene, whole is a baby in one take.

had been photographed in high-speed, baby holding the son out of the car, although many workers around, but to protect the baby boy or oneself hold, with the hand also son of small head, very sweet.

even if you don't have groups of staff around, baby is also insists on holding the baby, small sponge on his mother's shoulder sleep, feel very warm!

even if have baby stroller, baby is holding.

before hong kong paparazzi small sponge hack, it also gave the novice mother baby wake up, go out to the son, armed to the teeth, it doesn't matter even if you take the ugly was photographed, son too early exposure, will bring his obsession.

so was photographed two days before the baby with her son, small sponge round and round all embrace, baby son head up in their hands, afraid of children soft neck twisted, very sweet.

but also look in all directions in the shot, see if there are any paparazzi proved to be very vigilant.

from the above point of view, i think the baby will be a very good mother, in order to not miss every minute of the growth of the son, work again busy, also insisting that children with him, i think this is a typical working mothers.

and because of the particularity of his career, exposure is unavoidable, so baby son treated with more cautious, as far as possible every time a low-key, are almost without makeup, put the hat low pressure, the goal is to not let the people around them to notice.but it is too difficult, the media is almost all-pervasive, so almost every time to go out with small sponge baby was photographed.

and baby parenting with new best friend yang's parenting seems to be different.

yang mi in hong kong after giving birth to her daughter small glutinous rice has been his daughter to stay in hong kong, throw it to the in-laws.

and she continues to work to stay in the mainland, the filming location, the why and why, only in the free time to get back to hong kong to see her daughter.

the yang mi work is choose not together with daughter, then everyone in the guess, if she is her mother quickly so the impression, because when the mother was how to dress up as girls???????

later, yang said in an interview, he is actually don't want to let daughter too much exposure in the spotlight, because she knew that when a star is more hard, so hope the daughter can as far as possible when the average person.

but she really want to too much...father-in-law dina liu is tvb drama bone, the husband hawick lau heel oneself are now hot big star, a child born in such family, how can like other kids everyday?

just bring daughter, there will be a media sea, this is no way to avoid

yang mi also has repeatedly said it would try to hope her daughter not to in front of the media exposure, so she won't at work at any time with daughter.high strength work, such as yang mi daughter even followed her tear.

and while a baby work is also very much, but huang xiaoming's mother is a housewife, nothing to do, just waiting to take grandson, so you can follow together baby, anytime, anywhere to help take care of small sponge.but the small glutinous rice was born in hong kong, the mother is most of the time in the domestic or foreign work, little work in hong kong, so can only be naturally with grandpa grandma.

a lot of people don't agree with the way the yang mi with eva and think this way completely to grandpa's grandmother belt is very bad, but yang said a free will fly to hong kong with her daughter, when you see her at ordinary times, basic it is in hong kong.

we had ever seen at hong kong airport yang mi with hawick lau, two people holding the daughter, scenes of warm.

and yang was one of the few times in hong kong airport, basically all is back to see their daughter.

and yang mi in shooting, also won't let the husband took her two daughters to the set, and we see sun li, liyan tong, baby take sport, their children will come to the set.

this is liyan tong took the son the set chen sicheng

this is huang xiaoming around on his wife with a son baby, spare time eat out three

this is deng chao with flower with a son, and so on the set was taken in flowers that year is round, the grandson couple

but yang mi on the set, small glutinous rice never appear.yang mi hawick lau has been exposed last agent class is yang mi in 2015 when filming the"translator", two people just 1 years of marriage at that time.later don't say small glutinous rice, hawick lau basic don't come around on his wife.

yang mi box with her daughter's photo is because hong kong paparazzi photographed before we can see, and the daughter rarely or haven't been back to beijing.

most of the time we are seeing hawick lau or hawick lau mother with small glutinous rice.

so, yang mi with baby is two completely different ways of with her.

a is not rather to miss son of growth, always want to take on your side, to do, even hard work again busy again would be worth it.and also would like to share with you baby small sponge, today will call dad, eyes look like mother, like these.

a daughter do not want excessive exposure, has been in hiding, even in public, also don't want to talk about his daughter, more social networks more daughters are not available.

two kinds of parenting, in fact i think don't have too much of an issue.the key is the children can receive care.

before we see the"real man", small glutinous rice is on the phone the sinews of sunshine is bright and lively little girl!can see small glutinous rice although get along with my mother is not very long, but very close with my mother, and the condition of the whole person also very outgoing.

so, everybody's parenting method is different, the actress because working nature is special, so the time to spend with their children is different from ordinary people, but it also cannot deny that they wouldn't take care of children.

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