mr wang i love zhang ziyi together again four years once said the most rare is sincere and pure

on february 9, zhang ziyi is birthday, mr wang long hair for the wife to send birthday wishes, said"this lifetime, we should have a lot of times birthday, i believe that when we are old, we think only do the right thing is that we come together, we together!"mr wang also expressed his gratitude to zhang ziyi, says it is important to have children and his music, zhang ziyi"wish you happy forever, happiness;ziyi!because i to you forever happiness!"

to this, zhang ziyi forwarding response:the ideal of life, is to live a ideal life.return overdo to see relationships, two people will be feeling two people can walk to arrive together, and together through the years, is also very not easy.

in september 2013, mr wang declared"finally returned to a person with clear life", he has and his ex-wife ge will divorce.when broke up with sa beining zhang ziyi was revealed.the media exposure pictures of zhang ziyi play mahjong with mr wang, and go to see eason chan concert in this, zhang ziyi has made it clear that"wonky!"

mr wang agent in response to mr wang said the divorce is close to half a year, and his wife divorce is because two people's emotional problem, has nothing to do with the the film"very lucky"conference, zhang ziyi response:mr wang rumours that have been made, what do you think i also need to say.zhang ziyi also said:everyone has lost love and harvest love, this is normal, the most important thing is having the courage to face life.

in october, the two were photographed together at los angeles airport, couples jewelry also been witness to purchase.after two people have returned to beijing, also specially to separate out the gate.two people also attended the six members of a class together have served for the elders.for zhang ziyi's affair with mr wang and his ex-wife ge hui agnes said mr wang, but i don't wish mr wang and zhang's love.

in the november issue of the concert, mr wang do deep feeling, even before the directors don't know,"i imagine that one day, we can be like normal person holding hands, shopping, walking on the streets, bathed in sunlight.i imagine that one day we in the sun, wearing a face mask.people are no longer holding the camera take pictures, but can be greeted us with a kind smile."on-site fans respond to yell zhang ziyi, and zhang ziyi was in the audience.

in new song"born helpless when mr wang, zhang ziyi backed:all these scum will die, only your concert in the world of the bottom of my heart!come on!my music king!

zhang ziyi in the movie"love"of the set, mr wang went to the set, and zhang ziyi also help mr wang"the headlines dream".the celebration dinner in the grand master, a corner with gong won the best actress zhang ziyi, said mr wang sent her message of love, this is her first public share things with mr wang.soon, zhang said in an interview with"the winter is very good, is a harvest season, harvest happiness not only, also harvest cup".

and mr wang talked about zhang ziyi, said:"she is a good girl, is also a beautiful mature woman from inside to outside.the most moving characteristics, is a very sincere and honest, not to their beauty as a weapon.the most the most rare is, she is an experienced a lot of things, still can keep a sincere and pure mind of a woman, and she is kind".

in june 2014, the first time for mr wang to send birthday wishes, zhang ziyi mr wang response:alcohol regardless of how many, how much dizzy, at this moment, how many people can realize here the gratitude and tears, i love you, no matter how many hardships, i thank you, what is in the most don't know grateful thank you more important.

in november, was asked about the wedding and mr wang, zhang ziyi response"should be fast, i also not small", it is obvious that to mr 2015, zhang ziyi 36 years old birthday party, mr wang to marry him,"we were standing in the field of vision, we experienced the happiness and sorrows.i hope ziyi can always have the happiest time.if we are old, i can take care of you."zhang ziyi back to three words:i'd love to.

may 10, the two were married officially registered, in december, zhang ziyi gave birth to a daughter wake, zhang ziyi and mr wang have been married for more than two years, happiness always love.

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