zhang jike sweet scene after another sweet crit: han geng and celina jade incredibly together!

two days the birthday stars have a lot of it, is deng chao's birthday yesterday, when the thought with the grandson couple to have a birthday gift, the result actually remember their wedding anniversary, so careless, estimated gifts this year and it fell through.

today is the birthday of zhang ziyi, mr wang wrote a long weibo fondly, gratitude when god grace given to him at the same time, also hope ziyi can forever because of his happiness.

mr wang because this long microblog hot search, but you also know that he has nothing to do with the headlines the mystery of the constitution, he soon was another hot off the search of the stars of the birthday today, that person is han geng.

today is the birthday of han geng 34 years old, had a birthday is also very common, not can put mr wang to squeeze out, but it put a more sweet big han geng, he suddenly announced their relationship, and the girlfriend or the heroine in the"2"the war wolf celina jade!

the wife soon also forward this message to recognize love left

net friends were shocked, because this pair looks really not intersection, how quietly talked about love?

han geng are familiar, although in the past had some emotional experience and gossip girl, such as li xiaolu, mengmeng niu, jiang armoured dowa li bingyu, but he himself had admitted only not giving, first love, so he can be in 34 years old birthday this year finally find true love, you are very happy for him.

celina jade is with"2"the war wolf knows the audience, as hybrids, little sister's appearance level is needless to say, it's worth noting that her father is a kung fu actor roy about in the united states, has ever taken together with bruce lee, jackie chan martial-arts left

celina jade originally a french fiance, she also generous bask in social media had a photo of two people left

it is said that the man called chrisian, is a businessman, and associate with celina jade 4 or 5 years, two people feeling very better, as"war wolf 2"roadshow, chrisian also to silently accompany beside celina jade in china.

two people also had taken wedding photos, netizens have thought they would get married at that time, i didn't think two people break up so soon.






this time, although there is no cooperation, but two people fit!

of netizens said they must have been love at first sight, also the relationship of their ridicule for 8 billion at the box office cp, after all,"2"the war wolf is more than 5.6 billion at the box office, and the former 3 box office has now reached 1.9 billion, when"2"the war wolf met the former 3", the pair of spark was fierce enough.

of course, everybody also said envy for two people in love speed, awarded a prize for both men and women friends can be found, it's too by yuelao's favor.want to know a lot of eat the melon people haven't from zhang jike and sweet couple the gossip suddenly and violently hit the scene, han geng and celina jade gave everyone a surprise.

however, badon min don't need to lose the former and regret, rachel doctors won't get caught and cold front, long xiaoyun love triangle, say goodbye to the wrong emotion is always for the right person, congratulations to han geng and celina jade this new couple!

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