ajit rescue siddhi reproduce net friend: haitao xin wu you long snacks!!!!


host is a skilled job,"he who is not trained in entertainment, not taken will appear a slip of the tongue.hunan satellite tv small new year evening party tonight, handsome, actually bring the party named business name to pronounce wrong!!living to"bank of communications"read aloud"china merchants bank".

this ad was implanted is quite successful, ajit ask handsome now all the money which?

handsome also edited copy, said before put the pillow is easy to lost, now in the bank, the bank's 110-year-old"china merchants bank".

ajit after hearing a face of startled, hurriedly back pocket, repeatedly remind handsome, wrong!"it should be bank of communications!"

handsome after a slip of the tongue, or reactions to your wrong, nervously said:"finished, finished"

after the handsome added a lot of information through the bank of communications.

there is no use, however, china merchants bank implant has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

numerous internet users in the first place, china merchants bank have the white wolf mouth smile happily, bank of communications cry dizzy in the toilet, mmp in heart.

important things three times also can't forgive easily handsome ah.

a slip of the tongue wrong also calculate, handsome rescue ability is also a lot of people, you know:"over over over."

there are people on shen mengchen handsome presided over two levels are questioned.

no comparison, no damage, handsome a slip of the tongue, let aside the rescue liang tian appear particularly outstanding.

her statement:"the dream chen had just told me that she had a traffic card"has attracted users praise.

a lot of netizens feel liang tian is great, not the kui is trained.

some netizens joked, how's the business ability has not handsome!to see him and xin wu on this quickly, ten years like one day, what to grow.

have to say this, but handsome like xin wu, on the sidelines but did a 6666, a variety of commercial development of feng shui water.

there are many restaurants such as

there are from the line to the store's own brand.

still open media network play made by the company.

netizens said:sideline so successful, its main business is to strengthen the?

in addition, the handsome girlfriend shen mengchen also not to be outdone, describe iphonex as iphone10, attracted a lot of netizen.

but there are many fans shen mengchen side, think that there is nothing wrong with chinese reading iphone10, x is the number 10 rome, mass read love crazy fork is wrong pronunciation, is more accurate readings of the iphone ten.

a few years ago mango set new year's party, uproot shayna have a happy new year, say happy birthday, refresh the audience cognition.

then uproot shayna also out and laugh at themselves..

however, uproot shayna slips of the tongue does not cost too much tv, but a lot of laughs.no slip of the tongue, the worst is by the"undercover".

by out early to dark and tall, thin"chocolate"image, held zhejiang tv a elder sister.with china less the co-host ace program"i love remember lyrics"is also very famous.

in 2011, she jumps from zhejiang satellite tv to hunan satellite tv.when she presided over most of the people's republic of china in 2013, also put hunan taiwan to become zhejiang's phone.

by a slip of the tongue, subtitle group and no correction in a timely manner.then, made a text message according to this number with the audience, received is zhejiang satellite tv"i love remember lyrics"auto reply information, lead to hunan satellite tv sms interactive rates.that is a lot of people known as zhejiang satellite tv also send to"undercover".

by after a slip of the tongue, in the development of hunan satellite tv is affected by a lot.

handsome the slip of the tongue, however, is much more serious than by, mango, after all, large party named shang, frequently spend hundreds of millions of yuan.i'm afraid this will be the most expensive a slip of the tongue on the chinese television.

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