in addition to the ghost kun ling married chou best fooling around these black acerbity eyebrow in the united states have become net blush


ling king sister-in-law kunming, believe small make up a few that are 2008 to join the black acerbity will he ling, at that time also called hannah, can say is no acerbity would girls singing and dancing of talent proficient in, but she had no talent practice seriously, like pack innocence front stab was revealed.

the order of life is so important, often need a little luck.when he was in 2010, she began to rub elbows with jay chou.

in 2015, with jay in britain held a grand wedding, and now is the mother of two children, if not because of body condition, was thought to have three children before the age of 25.

if marry well was a success, ghosts even by their struggles in the entertainment industry to lay its own success.joined black acerbity after the meeting, in 2005 in 2006 to join the black girl is combined, in"i love black acerbity will"can be said to be the most"macchiato","bang"period of ghosts, fire jaded, thus was born the"ghost king","ghost nylon"cp.

but in 09 solo career, the entertainment circle rolling time is also not easy.solo career ghosts is not only singing, host was in acting, but water is not 2013 in south korea variety show"we're married and 2 pm members jade ze play of couple, after the broadcast by a lot of attention.

and again came to the mainland, in the"liu zhen legend"plays any dannian acted in the sharp benevolence""shenzhen rent, and so on, make yourself a little popularity, finally in the not the same man as a female.

but really let mainland audiences could be a"big star detective", this variety has been broadcast three season, ghosts inside also is very good, strong sense of variety.

here small make up to an age that exposure to send proposition:read"i love black acerbity will"?small make up of the answer is:yes, and"i love black acerbity will"and"model lollipop"episode hardly fall to the ground to see the...

today want to nostalgia, the way those years will ever powder of black acerbity eyebrow in the united states.13 years had said it, everyone's opportunity is different, this is all years ah~~~ black acerbity would give you outlining the current situation of the eyebrow in the united states.

big periodontal proper pei:do hosted in taiwan, diving addiction

meimei guo jie qi:her microblog is all sell lenses, also recorded some beauty makeup video.ghost ghost piece she also has to pay tribute.

apple huang wei christine:she will now take up some variety, and members and former fangs.

wench yako:do the variety in the mainland cafes.

but really ugly duckling become a swan, 13 years later, black acerbity eyebrow in the united states are changing too big!!!!!!

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