two sons two sons fourth cecilia cheung difference is not generally


fourth not prolific actors, but it is the masterpiece of in movies, tv shows, stage.once had a relationship with deng chao, 2006, with actors guangjie li married, but three years after the divorce.after marry ordinary civil servants, husband, son gave birth to a lovely twins.

two baby face delicate, facial features is very regular, looks like pictures of the baby.very cute.

the net friend comment in succession:"two baby good '!""which is the elder brother, which is the younger brother ah, silly points not clear!"

two children grow really too lovely, lovely small face round doodle.fully inherited the advantages of mom and dad.

recently, the fourth of the twin sons of photo at the age of five.two baby look has grown a lot, feel a little more like dad.

the fourth short hair is still very beautiful, look very have temperament.two sons are very handsome.

in 2006, cecilia cheung and nicholas tse in the philippines, are rushing.married with two's a pity that this to jennifer, later divorced.

cecilia cheung and nicholas tse after divorce has been a man with two kids, even at the same time both their own career!

all the things related to children, we can always see her hands-on, work again busy also don't forget many with two sons.

two brothers grow up many, lucas more long more handsome, five rulers, more and more like a father.

the eldest son has been more than mom shoulder height, like a little man!sweet guardian mother, her teeth, sweet sweet picture.

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