the new handsome siblings hu one day play in flower shape is not terrible terrible is lord she invited moon palace

a new version of the handsome siblings at last officer xuan, fingerling son who is chen zheyuan, a fine couple, in only a costume piece was recently broadcast"of shushan zhanji 2".

the flower shape is by recent very red very hu play a day, although hu one day with a"small beautiful"popular, but still escape humor, flower shape, after all, is a charming, handsome and hu costume look of a day, emmm...a little ugly.

what's more, also wu dai melts, su yupeng, and nicholas tse in three versions of the flower shape is the classic of classics, especially su yupeng, and nicholas tse, they play a flower shape is how many people the idea of a white moonlight.

su yupeng version of the flower shape is classic flavour is dye-in-the-wood, surface such as jade, childe is he the one like you said.

and nicholas tse version of the flower shape is more than a little bit of chivalry and cold

a bead jade in the former, hu day students must be stressed out, but i still can look forward to, when tse in flower shape is not the same, but in the end is still widely popular.

so, hu a day to play flower shape is not the most terrible thing, terrible is the role of other casting, wang dan wants to invite no moon palace, now director selected role is not to consider the audience's mood?

to invite moon palace main description in the book is like this:invite month heyday, have the dust on the surface of the united states, unspeakable beauty, beauty suffocating, dare not bishi, colourful unique nature, the beautiful fairy.

a classical beauty like siu-hung is invited in the correct mode of open

to assemble kong lin this level is too

however, king been dan's costume is it

at the beginning in the empress wei zifu look was teasing is a female version of ge you, even she herself said his costume is not very beautiful.

if is no wang dan to invite moon palace lord, it is no wonder that slave jiang feng will like ladies spend month, because this version of the slave is played by li yitong to spend month, although coffee as no other king dan, but the costume designer or kill the king no dan.

the new version of the core is played by chiningning, chiningning is now holding artist hans zhang force, don't know how the ancient dress up to meet?

but vivian, fan bingbing, such a big beauty, played core wants to surpass them seems a little difficult.

vivian core lan jiao qiao and beautiful

and fan bingbing core lan although be poking fun at no acting skills, but still beautiful

the new su ying is played by liang jie, liang jie recumbent and xingzhaolin that the double world bestowed favor and fire up.

just su ying this role before also have wintenberger e interpretation, scheinin and others, don't know whether liang jie beyond?

many classic remake is to make money, now already has not surpassed bead jade in the former, plus remake out not ray are bad, it is no wonder that the audience for classical remake will be more picky.

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