ajit wit rescue handsome has repeatedly to uproot shayna rounders wang han is rescue the king

on february 8, in hunan satellite tv gala broadcast host handsome made a serious mistake, bring the party sponsor a bank name that has become another bank.aside liang tian very witty, rescue immediately said,"just dream specifically told me, she has a xx bank card."asked ajit reaction is so fast, handsome"you said, are you cheating on hidden dream chen"money!"liang tian wit and ajit rescue helped handsome a lot, but this is not to ajit rescue, for the first time.

uproot shayna had said in a programme that pop up on the screen that is affected host,"i feel my life have brought the host", uproot shayna remarks clearly for some host elder don't respect.ajit wit the rescue,"is not affected, and it was more specification."

ajit said."we are all so coming.you will let elder unhappy."then uproot shayna was able to react to that sentence just now.

in 2012, the ninth china golden eagle tv festival the host ceremony, uproot shayna words right out of disrespect for the host again, she said"came today, gathering various kinds".because it is the host grand ceremony, the audience sit the famous host bai yansong, cui yongyuan, etc.ajit a listen to hurriedly said,"she has always been not a so normal host".

in march 2015, in"i'm a singer"live, sun nan in the first round after the game host wang han suddenly interrupted, announced the withdrawal.sun nan said"thank you wang han, my wise friends, give you a big trouble this time, please forgive me willfulness.thanks to the audience for my concern, please forgive my old-."

in the face of this sudden accidents, wang han don't panic not random, calm, calm in a short period of time the rescue, present the perfect rescue textbook.as the host of nigel said:buy sincerely praise the elder brother of the culvert, not the least change, as the chapter broken no matter what you say, will keep on:that moment, is very good."

by praising wang han did calm calm, the tail from wagging the dog, that is not the ability, the host but the host style.china says less"wang han elder brother, learn from you."dong lu said"if must give"i'm a singer"row seating, so, champion, wang han."with liu also praised wang han is a true host.odie, said"in fact, the elder brother of the culvert in every phase one day day up save our field".

after the event, wang han said in an interview again their first reaction is the reaction of the producer, to prepare an ad on the first, in the process of listening to sun nan, mind blink a few points, finally to put it together with the language, but not analysis doesn't feel well.sun nanze said, after the broadcast, people think highly of wang han, wang han should thank him.

actually, wang han isn't the first time meet to the withdrawal of the guest.2010 happy boys 6 into 5 competitions, athletes li hangliang before voting began suddenly announced to quit the game.wang han wit rescue, said to the identity of a mature man to li hangliang said a words, is not the identity of the host command li hangliang withdrew their decision, just give it a suggestion, because will likely win li hangliang with rival liu heart dream.

wang han also mentioned a poem, called particularly moved to a word:spend not completely open in spring.so happy and music also not completely on the stage of the happy boys, no matter who leave or stay, because bring you happiness forever remain in your dreams, so, hope li hangliang able to make a decision.li hangliang wang han persuaded, he decided to continue to finish the race.

in 2009, a program, a magic fans dressed as a clown came to power, after the judges criticism was directed at one of the judges of liu qian, said"you're performing magic i have seen through, i can tell you now how those magic invention was!"then really cracked the liu qian's magic.liu qian is very angry said"if a magician revealing the secrets behind his magic on stage, he is not worthy to stand on the stage!"

the wang han said"break the magic does not represent a person how clever, create magic can represent a person's intelligence.break the magic's tens of thousands of eyes staring at break, and create only a magician magic, racking their brains hide in a dark house in creation, he is with one enemy, with one enemy thousands, to an enemy, with one enemy, so the magician is worthy of our respect."wang han rescue makes the scene atmosphere, also stabilize the magician's mood.

have seen so many rescue experience, had to sigh with emotion wang han and ajit the two presided over with many years experience of host is really understand improvisation, flexible processing emergency, is now the host of the study.

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