the lines in the tao negotiator is written by himself?!

big power power and wuli towers towers qingdao love story starring"the negotiator", before the small, had introduced to yang mi"negotiator"premiere ratings wins again!tao play"little dog"milk a little sweet?

small strange feel at the time, tao plays xiao-fei xie is the kind of crazy ye cool surface, once fell in love with it niniwaiwai may spoil milk"little dog"boyfriend.

today saw 5-6 sets, small has found that things aren't so simple.

in addition to spoil niniwaiwai, full screen of the play are xiao-fei xie suffocating, expression package and golden words, small, even doubt lines were written by tao himself.

towers and mobile phone towers see their show, see the rival in love in liao yang in the drama played tongwei, strike back send a weibo said"tired qin tianyu.

play the qin tianyu dylan kuo also not afraid, hair said"xiao-fei xie is the horror of tongwei life","flying, you wash your sleep"

the rival in love can be said to be very into play.

here will feel together with me, please, xiao-fei xie ones daily.

the suffocating operation one:i am angry i am jealous i put a box of stomach medicine eat what?

tongwei stomach uncomfortable, xiao-fei xie purposely went to a chemist's shop to buy her a stomach medicine, also prepare tongwei home sent to yourself.

unexpectedly, downstairs to see qin tianyu tongwei back, two people talking and laughing.

total jealous over immediately.

then, he did a surprising thing...

yes, we flew the total ate a box of stomach medicine, didn't drink water, also is choking.

have loose bowels to didn't stop in the morning...

to see the little in distress situation, i get angry angry, stomach medicine throw trash can not finished, why are you all eat???????

this kill one thousand, since the loss of one thousand five hundred, estimates that only fly always go.

smothering action 2:milk is my wu hot, you don't drink is that i'm sorry my temperature?

after the meeting, the total came to fly tongwei nearby in the care of employees, all of a sudden a carton of milk from the pocket.also said:"i use body cover hot!

but don't want to drink tongwei thought it was disgusting.guess you fly always say?

i also no matter, the lines must be baby baby i write!

smothering action 3:talk about micro letter constantly send their expression package?

xiao-fei xie sao goddess night chat, was the goddess of directly hung up the always very angry, the consequences...turned out to be send their expression package???????

<img src=""/>

total package:(expression) i killed you!

tongwei:flying, it's getting late, go to bed early.

fly total package:(expression) refused to!

tongwei:have you had enough.

total package:(expression) you get me drunk~

tongwei heart os is small, the voice of the:how could anyone have their own expression package!narcissism.

however, this expression package where to find ah, can offer me a package?

not only tao ones, yang's tongue is also very interesting.

xiao-fei xie orchid fingers pointing tongwei said:i never xiao-fei xie woman behind the wheel.tongwei smiled:on the contrary, i like the woman behind the wheel.

xiao-fei xie q:if i like you, your life will be?tongwei smiled, my life will become a funny horror movies.

i tongjie society, a person few words, but dui you word.

small, can't wait after the next set!

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