live a slip of the tongue!handsome what the teacher say the wrong sponsor name level on god rescue in three sentences

in hunan tv's small new year spring festival gala, handsome may has experienced the most breathtaking scene presided over career, but he is also the most fortunately.

is breathtaking, announced in a sponsor activities, handsome need to read out a jt bank name.but after careful preparation, said"zs bank"has become another commercial bank.

this is a small air accident, also directly affect the advertisers named effect, are more likely to cause you loss in economy.

but fortunately, ajit wit the rescue, the largest extent, saved the handsome of the damage caused by a slip of the tongue.

ajit to react at the first sign of haitao said wrong, immediately ask:"zs bank?"

waves the hand card immediately after the panic:"finished, finished"

ajit say with smile:"do you have any other bank card, not to tell us!"

"three times of bank of communications"

these three words, ajit completed three things:

1.the question, remind haitao went wrong.

2.a joke, the anxiety of the waves, like at the same time, remind him should take the initiative to correct.

3.a punishment, the steps to the waves, also find which successfully, to read out the right message.

another host liang tian's performance in this event is also very good, a director in a timely manner to liang tian images, liang tian half joke zone a gossip:"just dream specifically told me, she has a xx bank credit card".

this sentence not only correct the waves mistake, also enough waves of face, use small waves and shen mengchen edge to deflect, also avoid greater embarrassment.

it is important to note that the sea is not the first time realized the mistake, when ajit tips also took a playscript with stage directions, that waves made unconscious"error"in the brain.this and the original by most of the people's republic of china on the hunan tv sms number read into zhejiang tv's number, are careless slip of the tongue.

for this kind of error, the audience should be inclusive, the host can not be too much blame, but still worthy of reflection,

this seems is television very accidental accidents in china, but it also has the inevitable:

<img src=""/>first,

this is a live show.lines on this led directly to the host name can real-time broadcast(actually delay), no chance to retake it, also does not have the clips, this itself is very high to the requirement of the host.on the key link, including dang zheng, advertisement, originally should be wary.

in the second place, the preparation of tv gala, its essence is a notice party, is based on class performance as the core.this means that the string show host not carefully, but according to the playscript with stage directions have personal space.this also means that hosts don't have to pass strict walk, read word rehearsal training can be done.

this is very normal operation, live television"new year's concert"live"yuanxiao joy will also is, have a wang han, ajit experienced the host of the games.but the problem happened to be out on the two link:host link no strict dress rehearsal, error is easy to appear.

this is in contrast with the cctv spring festival gala,

in 2017, cctv chicken year gala broadcast, the internet has spread out a complete process of the spring festival gala, including the host of the string.some netizens contrast flow sheet and found that although is live, cctv host should do and playscript with stage directions every word.

this is not only the cctv first-line host business superb performance, also cannot leave them five times carefully united efforts.

a host of small error, can forgive, but the process of reflection, should not be stopped.

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