handsome mispronounced sponsor name a slip of the tongue ajit face all changed her calm rescue!

small new year on february 8, hunan tv's traditionally held the annual spring festival gala, the capable xie nana elder sister because just gave birth to the baby's absence host camp, xin wu due to take sport also didn't present, the hostess sought-after launched new liang tian situation to step down.

i didn't think this typhoon is quite steady, sister hear handsome gaffe gold lord father's name wrong, in the case of ajit face all changed very witty light rescue clearance, the strain capacity, can leverage!

the evening into advertising live stage, ajit handsome pool for implant seems pretty tacit understanding, from the red envelope to hide under the pillow to gold master dad finish the process is pretty high.


to read the most critical part of the sponsor name handsome one mouth to read aloud"bank of communications"rival"china merchants bank"...

ajit immediately felt wrong, again his words seemed to give his smooth your where is wrong, and at that time side liang tian quickly correcting him"bocom!"ajit also show handsome just turn on the light, feel before a second also walked over what the teacher becomes a serious face after one second.

mixed originally read lord father's name is wrong, also competitor free publicity, obviously this is air accidents.

to this, the reaction of the handsome just yell"over over over..."is helping to seize ajit hand want him to help clearance, but what the teacher clearly hide at the back.

before didn't know how to put one round return, liang tian sister had opened fire:

"i tell you, the dream chen had just told me that she had a traffic bank card"

it's a pity that the sea is still more than words, or faltered out"to the rightness, and..."

stammer along while ajit can't bear to see the game play for him,"do you have any other bank card not to tell us(the subtext is cheated on shen mengchen to assets and too not good ┑( ̄ д  ̄) ┍)", finally let him read three times, this is a piece of gold lord father's name is well in the past.

after the episode netizens praised liang tian"long good-looking host language, nice"mango can consider training her when the future one elder sister.

in fact, although liang tian tepid not famous, but the somebody else's serious regular graduation in 2008, is a professional class scores first in the country into the communication university of china art institute of broadcasting and hosting, participated in the cctv spring festival gala, had presided over a lot of awards.

in 2012 after signed with hunan satellite tv has also hosted several activities, but more fire a few show in pushing shen mengchen, have recently in holding jinmengjia liang tian resources are relatively less.

this time by the strain capacity of wit help handsome clearance is famous expanded fame and influence, believe sister after presiding over the road will be more broad, more opportunities, a lot of people watch the liang tian this performance that she will be the future mango one elder sister, also is not not possible!

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