handsome auspices gala slips of the tongue, wit the rescue was a new host quick assist

tonight, hunan tv's 2018 spring festival gala hosted squad despite the lack of xin wu, liweijia, xie, but happy in the other members of the family, handsome and shen mengchen a couple is in focus, but at the time of host, but handsome out a slip of the tongue.

handsome a slip of the tongue to say"china merchants bank"instead of"bank of communications, ajit leng, immediately see hand card quickly, hurry up for the handsome clearance:"i wonder if you have any other bank card didn't tell us?"also be wit the rescue.

but the couple hosted liang field response is also quickly, quickly say"has dreams are specifically said to me, when i have a card of bank of communications".although liang tian is new, but is also a great many witty response.

net friend have fun handsome a slip of the tongue:a cool handsome, waves is suitable for some irreverent show host;really good liang tian too witty, liang tian reaction;china merchants bank:thanks waves give us free advertising, year-end bonuses, liang tian reaction speed so fast ah, the little sister is great.in one fell swoop to help solve the circumference, what the teacher is a quick reminder.but the waves that ha ha ha estimate bonuses.

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