andy lay want to shout to talk about half a day to the last stamp under the andy clothes is really a little fool


we all know that lay not used to get along with a girl, do you remember the time see the pole to pick, zhang yi period girl hand in hand, the whole people turn down.

a:look at this a few photos of lay, netizens poking fun at him no wonder can not find a girlfriend.

the girl hold that only the left hand, looks don't like him by the hand, ha ha, such a shy little sheep really meet for the first time.

recently, lay again by netizens captured this scene.

a certain activity again, zhang yi period andy sitting together, the scene of the lay and andy may be have something to say, want to call andy.

just send someone, about half a day.

netizens to simulate the lay the journey:take it by your hand, no, the somebody else is girl;with a pat beat so that it may not seem like very polite, forget it, or by hand gently poke.

and note that lay in addition to calling andy time more carefully.andy turned his head and he spoke, lay still use to beat blocking the face, this is really very carefully.after all, you talking to somebody else, so close to the breath in directly to the somebody else's face also pretty embarrassing.

lay so considerate act natural and obtain the net friend a piece of praise, this gentleman and carefully lay, is really a little fool, super cute.

has been relentless netizen, like you can't find a girlfriend!

seen lay a lot of variety, but found that he really is a gentleman.

a period fast this, ghosts and the students play the game, because the boys can run too much, the ghosts of tired.

this time lay in the side to teach students"the other is a girl", ha ha, so lovely lay a gentleman, get people crazy dizzy.

and the faster the that day, and will know, really can lay red is not without reason.

in zhang yi students period, yi, arguably one of the most attractive is lay.

and he did well to control the facial expression, not even when dancing movements is very big, but the expression on her face is still good.

this picture contrast behind two students, really is the appearance level crit.

but circles in addition to lay a get along with girls is lovely, liu haoran it's close.

a group photo with a girl was netizen is a steel straight men's photo.

every time you see him and the fans, all that there has been no contact with both hands holding the chest.

and not just girls, even boys is also one of the treatment, can be said to be completely avoid the misunderstanding.

however, after watching these photos, i found that liu haoran fan appearance level is very high!

whoa oh, somebody else make track for a star fans level is so high, their appearance really envy.

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