his teacher ren is the godfather of coattails hour of word hold millions of cash to emergency

share classic songs, traces the music of the past

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taiwan music circles, there are many famous teacher and pupil, such as jonathan lee and emil chau, shouquan li and wangjie, liu wen is wu, chen shen and rene liu, and so on.

mentoring relationship between musicians, sometimes, far more profound than we thought.

as jonathan lee and emil chau also division also friends, chen shen and rene standing.

today we are going to review, is ren and his mentor friendship between worm.

the worm ren, into an chinese pop music of the last century 90 s.

ren's performance also very awesome, bug the victim, he was carrying one million cash directly to help clearance.

bug to show, recall the past, eyebrow eye between write full of satisfied and proud!

as is known to all, taiwan three disc rolling stone music godfather, seniority, luo, jonathan lee, the worm,"medium"godfather.

luo compassion, jonathan lee open-minded vicissitudes of life, small insects, delicate and touching, together they hold up the glory of the nineties of disc rolling stone.

can be on a par with luo, jonathan lee, bugs in the status of the rolling stones, natural needless to say, but china is not the same!

ren was born sports, university period in 1990, he stumbled into taiwan's new album, lucky to send a few records, but no response.

suspends in front of some difficulties, not only oneself have no sales record is so simple, because even he send the body of the new album, is now, already.

if the time go back 10 years, taiwan's music market in 1980, is the most scenery of the new grid.

in the 70 s, the popular trend of folk song movement of deep influence chinese music, is promoted in the new album, become rolling torrent of time.

such as the olive tree, chien-fu li together yu"descendants of the dragon, is the new case record peak make, the rolling stones, even then the godfather jonathan lee, the set of acoustic guitar choir, is also a new signing artists.

time train into the 90 s, dominating the taiwan singer is disc rolling stone and flying saucer.

in the end, the new record be bought by the rolling stones, ren, together with the company of a few broken tables and chairs, are packaged together to the rolling stones.

disc rolling stone in the 90 s, when really rests dragon pam.legend, the rolling stones have nine major kings, takes is the humanities creation course, idol hang ren, rolling stone does not catch a cold to him.

"outsiders"ren, member of the rolling stone's time, a sponsor of taste.more serious problem is that he not only has no chance of a record, and even the risk of facing fired at any time.

in ren the gloomy days, rolling stone music godfather bugs, to offer an olive branch to him.bugs in front of the top, the ren"protect"down, but at the time, bug too busy...

he created"intimate lover"for days after anita mui, for the production of"smirk"kottelat love jiangshan more beautiful person.

for movie"ruan lingyu"and"the red rose white roses"soundtrack...

until one day, assistant asked the worm,"elder brother, richie's contract immediately is about to expire, album also didn't give him to do this?"

the worm that remembered that he forgot the ren.then, according to ren he situation at that time,"rely on"for his creation.

singer was companies sell to sell to, even facing elimination, confidence will be hit, i just want him to feel someone to help him, he can also have the power to help others, so i wrote"rely on".

this song is very accord with richie mood at that time.you record sound, richie often hide in a corner crying, i don't know whether this song touched him.

ren in rolling stone's first album"rely on", on the premise of almost no publicity, has sold over 200000 copies.sales of the surprise, let top determined to force holds ren.

the second album"the heart is too soft, still made by worm fencing.bugs personally wrote the title song of the same name, suddenly, spread throughout taiwan.ren thoroughly fire!

it is said that the album sales of millions in the piracy of s, influence of, almost no one can and.

worm with ren to beijing to go to a music awards, they walked on wangfujing street, from the street to the corners, in the heart is too soft.

qi qin went to tibet that year, after he came back to tell ren, even the brahmaputra river shepherd of tibetan children, all the flock in singing"the heart is too soft!

next, ren and launch the sad pacific across the girl see come over,""brother""tianya", a series of has called popular songs.

pop star richie jen step by step the summit, but he speaks highly of the worm, but in the life the most difficult period.

to bug with financial accounting, carry a small insect, swept away all his wealth, worm suddenly stalled.

ren after see on television news reports, directly take a big bag, with one million in cash, to help small worm clearance!

ren said to worm, to use the money out, not to take, and the time to complain bug the victim, didn't immediately inform yourself!

although the past so many years, bugs often think about the matter, are the pride of a face!

there is mutual affection between teachers and students, can do bugs with ren this step, is really enviable.

in the most difficult time to each other, each other can pull a, probably this is what we often speak of"the world has its own true feelings in"!

more wonderful content, welcome to"good song for you"

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