with an li-xin zhao circle powder fire he is not an accident

river not the name of the elder brother, but elder brother has always been the voice.

this sentence to describe the previous li-xin zhao is most appropriate.but later want to change, on the river's lake is not only a voice of elder brother, brother's name.

model moon festival on february 4, because directed and starred in the drama"father", li-xin zhao won the"model"of drama.the scene,"movies, tv series, drama, is work, film is a dream, and drama is my faith.work can often change, the dream can change at any time, but faith is not disorderly change."

in the blundering show business, zhao li new words seems to give many people a lesson.

don't know how many people begin to pay close attention to him because on january 6 broadcast sound near its border, the day of the show make countless people remember his name--li-xin zhao.

in the first stage of the program, yiwei zhou, li-xin zhao, zhang xinyi, purpose of the four guests from pk, while the other three guests to watch, but strong in their own strong hands, li-xin zhao teacher's performance is still a crush strength,"shocked"two words alone is not enough to describe zhao li new strength.


on the show, he took us first reviewed the classical dubbed film"waterloo bridge", on one second, many people still immersed in joy was roy"proposal", can not extricate themselves.

the next second he becomes a kung fu panda po, pure and lovely english accent, li-xin zhao teacher refresh many people's perception of him.

in addition to the audience was shocked, and race together play three guests.

so big span and the role of a mixture of chinese and english operation, the sense, sound and very comfortable.entertainment you just want to say, teacher li-xin zhao kuang walls.

in addition to these, li-xin zhao also at the scene a little show the own language talent, russian, german, spanish, french, finishing.

it is no wonder that, handsome exclaimed at the scene, he is to"show china".

out of curiosity, specially to look at the entertainment king zhao li new record, and sure enough, the fairy and ordinary people are not the same.

graduated from the central academy of drama, moscow state film academy, a former swedish national drama institute director, actor, actress, director, screenwriter, professor, host multiple identities, proficient in four languages(chinese, english, swedish, russian), eight months with russian, four months with swedish, will be more than a dozen chinese dialect, think of entertainment you learned english for more than ten years, could not help but want to cry.

li-xin zhao besides talent overflowing, impressive as well as his ten thousand years of the three-piece suit, shirt, vest.put a picture, you feel the old man of the mature charm.

is very handsome?

of course, li-xin zhao for three-piece persistence also became a natural guests poking fun at the point of poking fun at the conference,"pajamas are three-piece suit."

in addition to a chic style, li-xin zhao teacher after brain circuits of the play is not different from others.when ip hot, he answered"wan", the reason is very simple,"to see just how little meat was fresh.""wan"later, li-xin zhao never took a similar drama.

supporting strength

if it is not the sound near its borders, don't know how many people will ignore the strength of the actor.to be honest, first saw the name li-xin zhao, entertainment or some strange, who is he?

didn't expect li-xin zhao teacher to have so much work, must have like entertainment jun, but most people are know role didn't remember his name.more than a because he works play a supporting role, small part, 2 it is attracted to star aura, just ignore the existence of the supporting role.

in january 14,"the poking fun at the conference,"li-xin zhao mostly play a supporting role stems were distinguished guests to the limit.

he is black, some netizens weibo,"next week to cut a li-xin zhao teacher played the leading role of video collection, there are two main reasons:first, to soothe the teacher injured heart;second, the supporting video collection material too much, cut the tired."

ridicule ridicule, or specially to find the entertainment king li-xin zhao acted in the play.

li-xin zhao attended a total of 33 tv play, 21 film shooting.in his co-star in the numerous works, as long as it is seen, the entertainment king still has a deep impression.

"mi month pass"in"the warring states biting guo yi cheung", in his own words"i actually only 80 scenes in it, in a series of 81 set in the character of 55 sets die", but his excellent performance can let the audience was impressed very much.

"back to 20 years old, li-xin zhao playing exo's father, it is short, but at the end of mother and son joseph scene or a screen in front of the audience to tears.

"youth"li-xin zhao as a political commissar of the scenes are also few, though, in"the poking fun at the conference,"xu said"feng said, the actor need not find strength, but still cast to li-xin zhao".when dissolved in art ensemble, he croaks, trying to control his emotions, to say"goodbye, my dear comrades, cheers!two sentences, let the director feng xiaogang to see the tears behind the monitor.

zhao li shin, he likes sound, also like lens, favorite or stage.his line of play before mr.big, performed more than thirty-seven thousand lines of word, in the absence of teleprompter, just back down.someone asked him how he back, he said"back what is the minimum requirement for an actor, we this line of work and memorizing lines which we live, this is the responsibility of position, do not have what good speak."in the hope that the entertainment king"miss digital"have a good look at what you are.

in the sound near its borders program, is the scene to a director of his drama"father".

entertainment your friendship remind here, there is no fast forward, there is no fast forward!language is fluent, coherent, no teleprompter, across the screen, can feel the feelings of the characters, in addition to worship what is there to say?

inexhaustible, inexhaustible talent, not red, don't care about how many scenes, steadfast creating characters, maintained the fear of the stage, insist on each row of a drama, li-xin zhao even entertainment a desire.

"we use most word is sincere, we use the worst of a word is sincere, the most important is it."zhao li new fire in addition to his sincerity and strength, and he keep in mind, don't go with the flow of personality.

wrote:millet son

editorial assistant:sun min

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