the star of the cctv camera: after lens is no longer the stars will become what kind?


a lot of star is not good.photogenic and street snap is good, because have a late support team and the company.when tv movie producers in order to work, there will be more than the late personnel, through various means to star a good shooting conditions, so we create a"star"is different from ordinary people.

in this environment, increasingly, due to the star fans, the network also is their own beautiful, circulating gradually began to the self hypnosis, feel oneself is very beautiful, but is actually the pattern breakthrough.

below to see cctv camera together under the stars.

exo and william...

this angle looked both of them is good.

but if this perspective william, is somewhat embarrassed...

a brief is the same.

ma tianyu a stranger.

finally is small three.

some people say that they are from black re-understanding left to right, to gray to white.while is the light of the problem, but still want to feel good fun.

what do you think?

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