star figure is too strange flower exo rub off fan bingbing, fat two laps jay chou was ugly cry

when a star had their own figure, we can assert that he(she) has very basic red.although can have their own wax star to be proud of, but the museum design level is really very different, can't distinguish some similar to the japanese, but some people can ugly cry.

let's look at like.yang yang this almost as a twin, it is no wonder that yang yangben statue is holding up happily.

jj lin cos its own wax give full marks, you tell which one is real?

the similar degree, which is the kongs.

li-ying zhao's figure is really beautiful, a pair of twin sisters flower.

big cousin liu the wax figure of the most severe, not only appearance shape super like, who haven't the temperament, wax into essence.only a little less than is, wax chest a little bit quiet, big cousin was silently pit.

deng zi chess's figure is fat than reality, could be made before deng zi chess or chubby.she also disguise themselves wax, scare to pose for fans into one leng one leng.

yang mi's figure also like very much, this photo, the reality was more older.

of course, make people ugly cry masterpiece.south korea lee-joon-ki tolight! see his figure is unbearable.

lu han so stiff, has also been fanatical fans close off color.

please tell me, where the hell like jay chou?

it's really not fan bingbing, fat ice ice, 15 saw weep, ice ice watched silent, designers really are not afraid to be killed?

are you most looking forward to see which star's figure?

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