she and her husband lay a hong kong film height half said when the mother is a harder thing to do

to too generosities donator is"china star"movie company vice president, she and her husband charles heung accomplishment in the movie business is there for all to see."china star"formerly insein film company.early, insein sign chow, stephen chow jet li, andy lau, four star, create"gamblers"fight back to school""flirting scholar"and so on a series of is said that the 1990 s, hong kong box-office hk$1 billion a year, 250 million are insein.

to jordan was born in that year, insein has just set is not easy to gave birth to him.generosities donator in the delivery room for 16 hours, charles heung outside the delivery room for 16 hours, nervous to came close to collapse.previously, there are many stories about children face generosities donator's conjecture, wait until really born, she only took one to confirm whether a child is perfect, then passed out.

generosities donator age 27, the first time when a mother, i don't know how to look after the baby, they will be to assist in the hospital, went to see every day, until the child full moon will dare to go home.

in those years, the company carried out business, generosities donator with lace the rattan basket, carrying to assist to get to the peninsula hotel, conveniently put the basket on the opposite side of the seat, there is no place to put on the assist never cries, not as long as can eat satisfied, he is quiet stay in the basket.someone came to see:"you take a dog?"

"is not, was a baby."

to show beyond the age of early consideration.generosities donator's birthday, a little more than two years of age, he took home philipino to store, use pocket money to buy mom flowers, cake.generosities donator uninformed, and friends outside meal, home to just heard that his son had been before her, crying tore up a photo of two people.

so the children of a family, was born have advantageous resources.but when the son of generosities donator and charles heung to tell them, they want to be engaged in career, generosities donator is rejected.

so to assist had to resume, personally on director's knocking at the door.some people let him back-such as this often means that there will be no news anymore;some people call generosities donator advice, generosities donator does not allow.

generosities donator does not think to assist no, don't let him as an actor is more due to cherish.she and charles heung doing in this line for more than 30 years, people how easy is it to make sure fame unbalance.fame is not easy, red have distress, they see more, don't want to let their children, afraid he stressed by the sin, accept his red, said again afraid others by his parents,"we want to say, in fact be a ordinary people, ordinary people the most happy, you don't want to own child go this way."

to assist insisted to 2004, to 20 years old, with jet li impending nuptials, in exchange for a walk-on role, in the movie"fearless"adopted son played qin ye, no 2007, he again working with jet li movie"the warlords", directed by peter chan, this time, he finally had a name.

is there a scene in the film, to assist in the corpse, was dragged down the stairs, peter suggested using avatars, to assist you do it in person.after being dragged down, took his face, the tooth drop by one.

home, generosities donator scolded to assist."call him that, of course, not to protect themselves.he is a dead, don't see your face, can simply use double well, why do you want to do that, wouldn't you say so grieve you.he said he don't let anyone look down on.there are jiaochen in tone.

in fact, this has let generosities donator proud of assist so at an early age.when i was a child, he learning to swim, the world please him home fenbid coach, he swam to school team champion, at one stroke to justify fat can also easily get rid of their peers in the swimming pool.

school swimming relay, to assist is always the last bar.generosities donator said, the teacher never worry, front again how backward, as long as he plunged into the swimming pool, as the dolphin jump into the water, splash, gradually catch up with other teams, to reverse the situation.

later go to england to study, to learn football, on behalf of the school team.generosities donator and charles heung flew to attending matches, to assist or a big fat man at that time, the game, he and other players will be lighter weight lift up."he did a good job, he is not afraid of not afraid hit".

in the family, the mother always is softer.charles heung strict in to assist, 3 years old, to assist for naughty accidentally pressed to himself, charles heung first hit his son.shut in the room to play, to assist in wail aloud to weep aloud, generosities donator follow cry outside.

charles heung is kung fu, generosities donator worry him stray, from then on, her husband took three chapters:paper, small cane spanking, can only be spanked.

later to kung fu, in hong kong on the outskirts of abandoned bakery to practice every day, a didn't go to see generosities donator.her female friends once in a while to see all want to cry, she said she don't go to see, to assist and dozens of times a day, she will see the love dead.

to assist say six years later, charles heung decision, in the shape of a"god legend"with their children.the play, to take seriously.the first day of filming, to assist to finish in the 80-meter long channel, a pair of ten dozen play shooting before long, his legs with a long knife pierced by takeyuki.he didn't show any strange, generosities donator outside looking at the monitor, no notice.

about half an hour later, the show finished, out to assist with generosities donator said:"mother, pain, as if to."generosities donator startled to see to the thigh to open a hole.the pain has to get the strength of strong, he doesn't have a rest, immediately turned into".

after the movie, the box office and word of mouth is bad.generosities donator marvel at his son's not discouraged,"a lot of people say it's because your parents with you, we don't he just want to find more opportunities, depend on oneself, don't need my parents."

"god legend"after the release of a year, to actively seek jobs, work has begun to this point, chen lancai think slowly, i can let go, they can be like a friend, some in-depth conversations.

to assist once said, the children of the home to is a hard thing, as his parents is a hard thing to do.

generosities donator agree with the statement, the tone is full of intimacy"complain","to help him to complete the dream, right?to take care of his mentality, we also want to balance our state of mind, right?i also want to go to balance his father's point of view, i'm the most tired i think."

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