university students critical xiaotong guan black material she is too young or all heavy?net friend: love lu han!

xiaotong guan is small and then entered the entertainment circle, graceful more grown up fall in recent years by netizens to national girl, originally xiaotong guan set has been a very good man, but i don't know why people since love with lu han frequently broke the black material, even the xiaotong guan big university classmates for her see not pleasing to the eye, xiaotong guan actually is a what kind of person?those who broke exactly is what attitude?an all female are lu han really looking for?

xiaotong guan has a lovely and pure as a child's face, a little baby fat face looks very comfortable, when i was a child of xiaotong guan is not much fame, in the same period of the child with her very inconspicuous, is not nearly as notability lin miaoke yishan zhang andy, xiaotong guan, of course, a few years younger than they, and lin miaoke, childhood xiaotong guan long more black, looks not that western style, rather than from an early age very beautiful lin miaoke is far worse.

but xiaotong guan female 18 change since i grew up will change very fast, in recent years took a lot of drama let she hasn't read the university has been in the entertainment industry second-line actress when i was, and when you are more beautiful than her many lin miaoke was and she just turned around, thirty years hedong hexi thirty years in them really right, i grew up in the xiaotong guan by netizens also kind of girl, called the national to know doesn't even have andy we grew up watching child stars has won the title, but xiaotong guan were called, enough to see her busy degree.

xiaotong guan after college is becoming more and more red, has the promotion for popular entertainment floret denier, but red is more persons is, the more fame is to how much the black material also more and more, are often college students about various black material, said her duplicity, is not so simple and straightforward, as shown and not two at a time, a lot of suspected university students report that xiaotong guan relationship with students is bad, often put on airs, of course, these black material we don't know true and false, liberal arts students and half of the entertainment industry, said such words may be publicity, especially get xiaotong guan xiaotong guan a roommate is often suspected hype.

by university students not only black material, xiaotong guan last year also suspected destroyed a lot of black material, a former assistant general means xiaotong guan to low salary, work much, together with the cast of stars to see not bottom go to, the female employees suspected of being a former assistant said when she resigned after a long xiaotong guan's agent also asked her regret?the former assistant is also very domineering dui get back.

actually before xiaotong guan set as good people, many netizens said and lu han dating after just come out of the black material, since xiaotong guan and lu han her dark material after two people fall in love is an endless stream, a lot of people doubt that all this is lu han female fans jealous xiaotong guan deliberately invented, others think xiaotong guan is that kind of person, just as a star tend to hide their real property.

maybe xiaotong guan is still too young, many things didn't notice, and soon became famous for she has a lot of mistakes in some detail, see who pass from a hunan tv show, xiaotong guan performance quite shy and when speaking of exo marriage problems is also quite embarrassed, total feel so not a girl easily embarrassed too much for all the entertainment circle is too complicated, true is not clear.

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