stars groomsman group luxury lineup!huang xiaoming squad again how powerful than they?

chen groomsman group, in addition to the familiar with chen's point, for the other members who you can see it is?since can become mr.chen groomsman, that certainly is not the average person, see how their appearance level, in the face of the entertainment circle, have such level of appearance, is the way out.

and nicky wu groomsman group nature is little not su yupeng and julian chen this two people, and with justin wang zuxin fame is also pretty big, do grandpa four best man, they also really is standard.

chen he group is also a the best man, than a handsome ah, but also package belle du chun wait for someone to be his best man, can get to these people, chen he is also pretty a face, words have chen kaige the relationship, that is why chen he has been standing in it.

packages bear not only as a groomsman for others, oneself also please a groomsman group, and worthy of mention is, chen he isn't in, it's a bit awkward, even handsome all can do the best man, the best man except han geng, didn't also to place appearance level is high, but considering the package bell's appearance, it's no wonder.

wedding guests huang xiaoming is a than a powerful, light sicong is enough a luxury, and all such as ren zhou in his best man, luxury lineup is unique.

but about justin groomsman group, even if huang xiaoming also than but, because he brought in a brief, peng, ma tianyu, liu haoran only listen to the person's name and which one is not known, in the luxury line-up, and most importantly, they were full of positive energy star, such as basic nothing gossip, it is very rare.

these stars groomsman group, what do you think winning a member of the team is the most powerful?

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