new return bead sunny burst into flower most popular er kang pull the swallow card xiao jian eva was born


in the near future"princess huanzhu"replay again!the company countless people spent my childhood or youth drama, also hit a another ratings myth, also with red the actor.

mention"princess huanzhu", the first thing that comes to mind is certainly zhao wei and lin2 xin such as of that version.but today we don't say this 98 classic version"princess huanzhu", you also don't say huang yi and ma forging of the third, but to talk about"the new princess huanzhu"in 2011.

the new princess huanzhu is remake qiong precious jade classic"princess huanzhu", by the nic is coming, sea and land, starring richard c.haskelli, jean and others.plot of the play is a mixture of the old 3 edition, is divided into three parts:the yan son of princess huanzhu fly elegant(first), the wind blowing bursts of princess huanzhu(the second), where the person of princess huanzhu(third)."the new princess huanzhu"was started in july 16, 2011 in hunan tv's premiere.

although the new"princess huanzhu"not the old version as big splash, but on the production and the picture still has some merit, the most important, he also let"er kang"and"swallow"together.

17 years in december, basked in nic is coming out of a piece of baring, photo not only has its own and jean, and a pet cat.nic is coming a caption also is very lovely:"ha ha ha a family of four", and announced that she was pregnant.jean and then forward:"looking forward to your arrival, our small cotton-padded jacket or small cotton trousers."

in may 2014, jean and nic is coming is exposure relationship;on december 18, 2015, two people at the scene of the new conference announced to license, and kiss in public, scenes of warmth.their fate to from the"new princess huanzhu".alston played in return bead is er kang, nic is coming to play is the swallow.but, this"er kang"crape myrtle, the"swallow"also no kiss five brother, but is recognized each other.

mentioned"new return bead", it must carry as a"sunny"li-ying zhao, li-ying zhao is now big, big red flowers.

in 2006, li-ying zhao by"yahoo search star-three directors draft"debut, as feng group champion to enter the entertainment circle, play directed by feng xiaogang do advertising"kneel clan"heroine.

in 2010, li-ying zhao plays the sunny in the"new return bead", is a ice snow cleverness, considerate of aristocratic space space, to meet the general 2013, li-ying zhao with costume dramas"liu zhen legend"get more attention.later"shanshan to eat"and"spend bone"is directly and let li-ying zhao reputation and popularity boom that is now tv ratings.

"xiao jian"in the"new return bead"gao xinqi, also already married korea goddess chae rim, lived a happy life!

late at night on december 12, gao xinqi cai linsheng questioning is happy to announce the oneself's wife!he sun out of the baby's feet and deep feeling:"entered a new phase in my life, my life will be one more handsome.see our gift(pet name), my heart is see lim, holding the gift of time, the heart to change again!"gao xinqi chae rim affectionate expression to the wife:"thank madam this years hard to wait and pay, thank you gift and mother health peace, love you."

chae rim is arguably one of the earliest to the development of the chinese south korean actress, also starred in a lot of popular tv dramas, such as"the affection on the aegean sea","emoo iliad","new drunk to play golden", etc., is a standard form of the goddess.chae rim for married life is also very satisfied, for my father-in-law will give yourself to eat more extremely touched on the matter.

the return bead news"ziwei"in the sea and land is also a lot of jim and smaller in the sweet love.jim and sea land relationship in march 2015 was photographed by the media exposure, then two people admitted.hai lu was born in 1984, jim is in 1994, for 10 years asked about dynamic.

two people not only in private, affection, also attended the variety with"let's cross the flash blind people's eyes, have a period also accidentally exposed the couple tattoos.

but suddenly there is news that two people broke up last year, sea and land and jim on after a fashion shows does sit very far, all the cold face no interaction.but netizens to encounter two people happy shopping again this year, may be there are some among all the couple will be some small episode.

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