guo degang cao yunjin feud difficult you scold my rebellious human stories suck me back

the morning of february 7, cao yunjin post on the internet:"thanks to my wife,"[email protected] tang wan, announced the has been good news media exposure times, announced that you are starting to step into marriage life.his wife don wan may not only heard the name of you feel familiar with, says a role you will be know, she played in the name of the people's lin huahua.

cao yunjin in guo from the door, and then exit the alone established yunxuan, entered the film now, and is the development go smoothly all the way through, now also family love double harvest, from time to time showing a little rich, le zai, beauty!

when it comes to this coil, there are a lot that big and small issues, animators grievances, the cut is continuously.each of you could name the corners have the size of the things, also become a major feature.cao yunjin and his master is not exceptional also, that you come to me to ming chao innuendo but have been a big movement.

in fact everyone has also know, cao yunjin left the guo degang, also not too happy.but in 2016 suddenly, two people also really surprised to everyone.first, guo degang housecleaning, noting cao yunjin and he yunwei:"deceives day out the progenitor, rebellious ethics, meet difficult defection, sell qiurong, evil framed, meaning cruel poison, unscrupulous, outrageous."

cao yunjin then responded to guo degang, post the article is very long, running thousands of words, logical, clear and literary grace, it seems crosstalk deep foundation.

cao yunjin in the number of columns in the guo degang"nine sin":1.guo degang encouraged everyone to cheat student tuition;2.guo ordered cao yunjin cctv's withdrawal, anger cctv;3.guo let cao yunjin saying nothing paid not to;4.guo degang scold gala scold journalists also required all team call kun; reason to himself out of the house;6.august, guo degang, broken promises cao yunjin go out;7.insult died beijing head;8.stab dao guo degang use power of public opinion;9.set problem, make cao yunjin performances has been blocked.

for guo degang has said"son", cao yunjin also countered:"monthly pay 500 nursing, 500 cost of living, have a meal to meal, hotel money to always tell people, said some disciples acts, is the son grew up to raise at home, i don't know who it is, anyway, i'm not, do you remember, at that time we people in the home, teacher niang once a month to come back, your life is, i in your house, do laundry for you cook a meal, a dog tea buy vegetables do household chores, who for three years, is so come over."

he also described by guo degang evicted an experience:"before a month to three years, give me pay for the meal, you took me away from home, i sleep on a park bench for a week, if it weren't for he yunwei kind, store between content to the room in the house i live, i really feel at that time, i'm going to insist on not bottom go to."

cao yunjin finally said:"the teacher said,"there are cloud, 'self-development, trained to reassure also.'not for centralized and driven, i tell you who is not false, also returns the sweat for many years, sincerely and youth.finally, coaxed, please don't be the best of hype capabilities, all in the name of the traditional, with a genealogy advocating", how to control,"feudal thought, for moral kidnapping and others to me, this is not the behavior of the teachers.i should have a clear conscience, is you of the river's lake sinister, but my world sunshine, the way that is not the same, no common goal, no common cause to cooperate, so, life is long long way to go, do not goodbye.

zhuowei forward also support cao yunjin:"(guo) embezzlement is true, betrayal teacher is true, every show to his fellow student 150 is true, his disciple dozen reporters kua student"national hero"is true, give beijing head died various words is true."

devon community development has been more bumpy, early indeed earnings recession, were left in succession.until recent years with red in the rookie yueyunpeng, his son guo qilin also grow up, can acquire.

for complaint cao yunjin long article, guo degang after 20 days to use the article"the end of the world, in not v.thin cool"response.cao yunjin mentioned in his article is guo degang, oneself to pay my tuition to school, also open the invoice.

but guo denied:"i was no so-called education, in teaching student how to invoice to graduation card?such as jin, i have come to beijing didn't also didn't dorm, classroom a year 8000 tuition fees, plus the accommodation to tens of thousands of eating, 02 ah, this is not a small number.someone should go away quickly, hurry up alarm fraud."then yueyunpeng also forward the weibo said"i didn't pay the tuition fee."but guo degang this article some brief response, don't know is don't want to continue to war or it seemed.

then cao yunjin reply again, said:"for 20 days, you finally wrote a new story.but the fact that my statements, you scold is idle street".cao yunjin in return long pointed out that guo degang does not agree about the tuition fee before and after the loophole, also sun guo degang evidence of tuition, pointing to"15, i don't understand, you are fraud, 27,".

although it was later dismissed, but buried in the heart of anger bombs, may also at any time.that describe, hard decisions, considering we strangers is more difficult to distinguish.oh that cross the transmission and development of the traditional folk art form can get.

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