when sleepy dillon heat fans said she gives word answer instantly let me speechless!

dillon heat, as the most red flowers denier, not only their own good yan tall, boss yang mi is arranged for its resources to the greatest extent, to run its countless powder with exo cp group order, popularity soared.

however, appearance, the opportunities, resources, although are important, but the most important still is the actor his own efforts.hot female has always been a hard man.it also makes her popularity and jumped straight and discuss degree is greatly outweighed yang mi li-ying zhao, become the first domestic floret of the trend.

for dillon, hot bar, she now how fire don't need to do more with data show that light see how some of the topics, after again if you are the one"started, because one of the female guest looks very like heat, unexpectedly became capable to program, and as long as there is her appearance, high ratings.

except in the domestic popularity now return fire heat and accidentally went to japan, in addition to his work"the beautiful li"in japanese tv prime-time broadcast time.and what's interesting is that in japan, also have a heat and the beauty of spirit likeness, the results of the latest issue of the best high school girls in japan poll, has won the first prize laureate, seems to be hot in japan's agitation is really quite surprising.

dillon hot and popular, of course, can't avoid will be used to compare with now red flowers were compared, such as a reporter asked, li-ying zhao and hot bar will choose who do the wife?look at passers-by is how to answer the

the first sister chose li-ying zhao, and the reason is very strange flower, reason is because li-ying zhao and her face is round

the second level is the mother, the truth will choose hot, due to the bonus points for their children.

a, on most the reason of the exotic option dillon hot, the reason is that:because of the hot bar is lu han(don't know should say you wit is still here ha ha ha)

the more popular the more attention dillon hot and some of the details of life.and media interviews, they asked some very tricky problems, heat the answer, is really very bold and unrestrained!let me wipe the sweat.reporter asked her what kind of hot and angry, i estimate that the reporter is a male of, also want to see beauty angry, lovely is it or what.

hot said, when i am angry, is there really is in angry oh.is the appearance of the angry, don't want to.

reporter ask again:a lot of female fans say want to sleep hot, what do you think?this problem is never enough, it is estimated that journalists are the fans say female fans, because her hot more male fans.

dillon heat, respond to the next, let me speechless, dillon hot ba glad to say"come on come on"four word.ask you to give up!a person few words.many female fans excited to wait in line heat flip, a large number of sleeping powder on the road...

dillon heat have today's achievement is not accidental, she is also pay, before the program, for example, hot and show her bag take out for this, what for, is the plaster.

dillon hot bar, dance practice before the waist is injured, so often take plaster.set aside.so yaoshang, but hot still insist on, from the little thing also can see that heat is how little effort, can buy now.come on, hot bar!

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