yang yan of too!fine figure girl feels dye-in-the-wood but acting is exposed appearance level

"dear translator, huang xuan partner yang mi, coat, draped in workplace drama acted in a dog blood idol drama.

on douban, the show its lowest huang xuan starring works:5.1.

in the"the negotiator", yang mi ushered in the tao of 7 years younger than her.

in august last year,"the negotiator"officer xuan will be started.

but not fare well, just drag the day before yesterday.

lu after four sets of, i feel very accidental:it is the formulation of new, routine hasn't changed a bit?!(smile)

compared to last, yang mi just skip this time small white the promotion way, workplace became a collection of beauty and talent in business negotiation expert:tongwei.

the first case is about two taxis software companies merge.(imagine drops&examples of uber)

a friend put pressure on her future.

turn again, mind will come up with solutions.

all people get stopped outside the door of the big boss, and she was invited to enter a word casually.

for an everyday experience, the market can be spellbound battle-hardened men.

in the face of the other party's question, she doesn't have to answer from the front, but uses in a roundabout way:1, the boss money, you also have things to do,2, from the user's point of view, combined the experience of feeling superior to the separation.

in the end, with an innocent expression carry the full.

apparently, someone talks by mouth, is the first attract people attention and tongwei appearance level.

don't believe you hear this sentence has a technical content:a grain which emirates are you princess?

gave her a stranger in the crowd, i will boast she looks beautiful.

the reception of foreigners, said she is ten years a rare chinese beauty.

with a bromeo, have been silent guard beside her.

even if been tongwei declined to 100 times, he will not give up the 101th chance.

there is no beauty without self-knowledge tongwei here, her self-confidence, pride, assuming power is not short of stature, 27, has made them champions of a free boundary negotiations, think the world men are not equal to yourself.

but level what appearance, look at the image below.

after the white light hairline, double chin and refresh the appearance level of the yang mi.

acknowledged that even in her own conference filming"the negotiator"is her most fat during the period of time.

this a head of curls+professional attire, is also slightly old, stand and tao, age are immediately apparent.

look at men xiao-fei xie, a chinese-american, chaebol second generation, family business successor, driving a luxury car, wealth and aggressive.(new york, sports cars and taxis similarity 70%)

on their previous positioning is also very accurate:pride, bossiness, defiant.

this hairstyle...not the kui is the person who played the monkey king.

have a passion for the pursuit of stimulation, run to go to the underground boxing, thighs coarse than the opponent's arm.

even with a spin kicks+a right to check, complete k.o team to perform.

in the eyes of outsiders, his photographs's son is a idle, bear a child will only eat, drink, and be merry.

noisy quarrel and old daddy, look at the face hate iron not to produce.

as you predicted, the grandiose, rebellious behavior are appearances, baidu encyclopedia on the introduction of xiao-fei xie is a commercial genius, he is kind.

he bought land plan in her mother's hometown, developing ecological tourism, the pursuit of enterprise innovation.

the plane meets the sick old man, also take the initiative to give up comfortable seats in business class.

but for the moment, has not been much xiao-fei xie iq hidden deep, emotional intelligence also feel anxious.

but very sweet, mutual dui female strong male weak asked mode, but believe that the tao will become a kind of bullying, no problem!

to be honest, a little curious, work with yang mi before males are red, huang xuan, zhao katyn, li yi feng, the tao will be first-line niche?

let's wait and see!

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