wang baoqiang case trial emergency tomorrow to meet with lawyers are a few into?

last night, night mr.zhang qihuai lawyer wang baoqiang, discuss case details, preparing for tomorrow's trial.

wang baoqiang case involves a total of four cases:

1) sued wang baoqiang anita divorce(civil)

2.anita sued wang baoqiang reputation infringement(civil)

3.宋喆 suspected case of job occupation(criminal) baoqiang anita parents transfer property case against(civil)

(1)(2)(4) is expected to be in court to solve day tomorrow.

that wang baoqiang can win?the key is whether wang baoqiang can provide 2 big evidence:

1) whether there is a fault anita

(2) whether anita spirit damage to wang baoqiang

will involve the division of property and the problem of child custody.(have to say, wang baoqiang failed to divorce quickly, is indeed a big barrier)

however, even if wang baoqiang is won, the division of property and child custody issues, there are still two big uncertainty:

1.anita if can prove our contribution to bringing up children, then you can get more property

2.anita if can prove that children not wang baoqiang, his own children give priority belonging anita

in addition, again lawyer wang baoqiang mr.zhang qihuai, this is a very controversial figure.

on the other hand, mr.zhang qihuai, hardened, money laundering, criminal, intellectual property cases concerning foreign affairs are his strong point, wang baoqiang is looking for the right person.

"for war, to the potential, not on others, so the selection and as a potential", mr.zhang qihuai, experienced, skilled at using their own resources to form information advantage, and then for those routes.

on the other hand, is a partial radical lawyer mr.zhang qihuai, such as li case before a second trial, actually do not directly, sure enough failed.have expert comment at the time, if do mitigation plea, the odds are probably a few bigger.

this time, wang baoqiang, the campaign has become, mr.zhang qihuai and how to defend the trial site, see you tomorrow!

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