zhang xinyi: cosmetic face residual sound dui doctor near its setting huafei wash white best rely on talent!

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mango taiwan spoiled recently launched a new program"sound near its borders", a new programs to return before the practice of propaganda dark chuo chuo started just depends on the strength of ring powder, a read anyway, i know you will be proud to boast my jiao.

this program is also true that everyone is full of praise, just started a period douban score of 8.6, with 46.3% of people played 5 star, no one to play a week, visual grading will also rise.

"has a good voice, can let ear pregnant;there is an old play bone, performance can voice."that is the center of the word"sound near its borders", they really did it!

please come to the talent is the first edition he li-xin zhao, zhang ziyi is also a fan of his younger sister yiwei zhou and contrast of great white night brother of the purpose and the only masters of zhang xinyi with eva.

shows after everyone is concentrated praised li-xin zhao teacher, english, french, russian, german willfulness, switch to jilt you a face of talent, not boast;

others boast of yiwei zhou"sao"gas, random voice that thailand, twisting torsion change between the studio directly to the square dance.

others praised the purpose, recently is more and more good, a little smoke voice is charming.

but few boast the only female guest zhang xinyi zhang xinyi obviously in the first phase of the sound near its border performance is not worse than they.

the first sound of"classic"link, zhang xinyi matching the huafei zhen huan white died with zhen huan snippets of dialogue, abandoned to despair, recall the past sweet, hatred of zhen huan zhang xinyi match is not worse than the original voice.

with the"charlotte pains in the beginning sobbed her grievance, dong-mei ma li-xin zhao teacher couldn't help the thumbs-up.

the second"magic word"link, zhang xinyi assigned to typhoon up by reporters, although with lovely taiwan cavity is strange, but regardless of the image has been"shout shout"blowing wind is really funny.

the last"big show"the siege, zhang xinyi lowest, but the lines on the one hand, and she is available for a minimum of violet role, on the other hand the beautiful scenery of the first half of all focused on the three other male guest, zhang xinyi does not dominant.

but her voice, facial expression, enchanting posture, don't lose!

zhang xinyi performance is good, no one boast, probably because the other three male+a female guest settings, it may also be because the other three light too bright, but mainly because zhang xinyi way popularity over the past two years is not good enough.

zhang xinyi favorability way were in the middle of the microblogging dui doctor events, at first publicly dui doctor dedicated as a public figure, and the doctor said paper(stop)(halo) needle.

"hyaluronic acid play mind"being criticized by people"have no culture's terrible", after the weibo apology said"i am a pig", illustrated and the whole document is also don't walk the heart not sincere.

dui doctor after zhang xinyi on the ultimate challenge, and since the cosmetic of cosmetic recovery real very ferocious face by netizens group of chao, wear the pants in program, give yourself a scene is said cry, bite by the king no dan performance by netizens also abandon, etc.

there are zhang xinyi 35 years of age to marry and justin, not only it is asked or second marriage, is also a lot of people criticized her point.

but zhang xinyi is movie"22"the only star, special thanks to a donation of one million."22"is a film hadn't thought of earnings, tells the history of the comfort women this heavy, taken in almost because no money down, is the battle righteousness zhang xinyi saved her.

"22"guo ke director, said in an interview:"she is not my first, i'll find some relatively well my friends, but they do have some difficulty.i'm just looking for a teacher to try, actually not.but she really battle righteousness!"

a lot of net friend say, blunt"22", is no longer black zhang xinyi.

zhang xinyi or with eva, came as a guest in the mother is superman help bao wenjin with children, no children with better than mother, she is good.

in hunan new variety of seed sprouting sprouting curtilage in, zhang xinyi justin couple two people to take care of the four primary, eva, shouldn't be watch the show, the first phase of the playback volume on breakthrough results.

zhang xinyi read the child psychology and in advance to each child to receive gifts, the house also had a.

when a temporary learned a child on the day of the birthday, also ingenuity with rice and butter made a birthday cake, also guilty like kid apology failed to give her real cake.

a lot of people hope that justin and watching zhang xinyi soon have their own baby, because believe they will be very good parents.

zhang xinyi acting actually also is not bad:

"beijing love story"lin xia, silly infatuation girl, even if cheng feng were passers-by have been waiting for him to her;

"perfect love"legally blonde sharp justice zou yu, also can stand the wind of the new era of women's representative;

the wen-jing han in the new era of girlfriends, gao gan children family participating, spicy character always play love games.

not zhang xinyi is a very good actor, but it must be a pass the actor, few people criticized her because of my poor performance.

zhang xinyi industry involves a director, homing from out of the"miss puff", i don't know when the box office word of mouth.

of course, the best is still displayed in the sound near its border lines capability, is with her among the group of 80 after the actress, mango, first phase is please her to also is not blind.

and look at her face in the sound near its border is back to normal, don't is the residual in the ultimate challenge to cannot bear to look like, expression can do, to do acting no problem at all.

blunt zhang xinyi good lines of this capability, at the professional quality, also hope that she can play more drama.

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