because his destruction: entertainment by saying the wrong thing on ten big star

in the showbiz star as a public figure, their every move is attracting the attention of the outside world, in order to have a good image in fan heart, many stars have to proceed with caution, in case of saying the wrong thing, of course, not every celebrity do;might say some star thought innocuous, but the others don't agree with, here small make up for everybody to take stock in the entertainment circle for saying the wrong thing with big stalls ten big star.

small shenyang

, after that the teacher zhao4 ben3 shan to the spring festival gala became small shenyang suddenly became a household name big particular shows hosted a guest host dan-jun zhao"small shenyang to the record, and his wife shen chunyang scene to together for a short period of the men, two of them play out, the audience applause not interest rates, the host dan-jun zhao to conversation, as a result of the small shenyang to a word he often on the stage of"joke,"smelly shameless".gas ran dan-jun zhao, on the spot and asked small shenyang to apologize on the spot.


kongs director peter chan's wife, is also a very big figure.remember, she publicly on a programme to liu xiang shooting, presumably, liu xiang 08 olympic withdrawal is known to all, he was out of the race is very make people heartache ya!and kongs harmony, program open to liu first stone, said he is"eat shit", this matter after the media reprinted, outside uproar, in the end, she had to take responsibility for their own apologized.

li yong

as the mouth li yong, ever also fourth similar comments mistakes, li yong, in the"lucky 52"show with his adaptation of a"eight hundred qinchuan dust float in the sky, in the thirty million bum singing qinqiang opera", opened from shanxi"joke", not only the dark irony of shaanxi climate conditions, and should directly use"slug"instead of"lao shan"and other words, obviously with some sarcasm from shanxi, immediately trigger a strong reaction.later, because of the bad things too negative, in the end, li yong choose a public apology on his blog.


once film stars fourth on his own sina weibo said a words, very scary.the media thinks, she said is aimed at henan people, as a result, lead to a large number of people against accused her of henan.have insiders think, however, she is open to scold:"completely because of her ex-husband guangjie li,"perhaps this is a celebrity, she if it weren't for celebrity by people won't talk, so, stars should pay attention to his speech.

zude song

mouth smelly, said song big natural can't let go.too much publicity about the"xie jin liu xiaoqing bastard", let we learned the power of song dynasty big mouth, however, then the media friends found that liu xiaoqing xie jin bastard is defamation, at that time, director xie jin late, in the face of public opinion, before there is no evidence that song mouth will have to take responsibility for their own words and deeds, in the end, an apology, losing money.


debut for many years, a original bao zheng new mandarin duck butterfly dream of a star he, though, already did not have the glory of our past, but he is still active in the entertainment circle, except for his own strength, turned his speech is also very popular one, big mouth can say anything, later, he made a lot of crimes, had to come out an apology.


will satisfy stephen chow in the entertainment circle, many of his masterpieces are very able to bear or endure look.but his personality is dare not flatter really, a lot of stars, celebrities are not willing to cooperate with him, or don't want anybody to him.because this star ye, mouth smelly trouble, he even don't pass, sammo hung just don't want to the younger generation of, within the circle of many star said he is not, though, he didn't come out an apology, but people hate him, this seems like him only the headmaster.


a few years ago, taiwan star also love to play politics.once vivian hsu is controversial, but is not confirmed, if she said that.actually, politics of a-mei chang, rainie's example, rainie at the famous star in taiwan variety show"i guess i guess i guess guess", its resistance to eight years, the nanjing massacre only 400000 slammed by many users, more fun my mother called her home with history a result, this matter once the media reports, everyone vs.accused her, under pressure from public opinion she had to apologize, mouth smelly, nature will be punished.

mr wang

inland well-known singer mr wang, is a representative figure.have taken place in a few years ago, he at hong kong airport scene shocked by the mainland, hong kong, macao and taiwan fans.he at hong kong airport"cow", said to hit hong kong airport, it caused because"guitar", later, after media reports, large negative impact, he had to apologize, this is the mouth smelly price.

jang na-ra

on november 24, 2009, the korean artist jang na-ra talkfest, held in shanghai media events in recent high-profile encircling money made a comprehensive clarification, says he has never said no money, go to china to show, just tv late add subtitles lead to misunderstanding, but caused by damage to a chinese audience, fans, she apologize.

there are your favorite star?

small code word is not easy, hope have a righteous man comment, thumb up, attention and fuels.

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