huang yiqing fact su and zhang jike scandal was charged for how many times he was face these days?

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this afternoon, su in beijing haidian court, against huang yiqing weibo release the related content of criminal prosecution.

before entering the court, su the attorney in the court accepted the media access, a lawyer, said the lawsuit aimed at huang yiqing released a series of false information,"we have initiated huang yiqing is libel criminal proceedings, is not generally the reputation of the litigation."lawyers said that su in the event of damage, for the activist attitude very firmly.

it is reported that su has to submit the evidence to the court.

su has insisted that the recent network spread the rumors keep close relationship with pgone, zhang jike for libel.

and comment is polarized

recently li xiaolu with pgone"overnight at gate"incident, had come as a friend li xiaolu to testify the su also involved in an unprecedented disputes.among them, huang yi ex-husband huang yiqing also became the main"crusade"su.he deleted in weibo propaganda su lying cheating smile weibo.

on january 9, huang yiqing in weibo, played the subtitles game, said m private life debauchery, also make the procuress.he also emphasized the content is not her real name, please friends don't want disorderly guess.

criticism at the same time he also don't forget the ex-wife huang yi down

rocky said wang su pushed the smile to gehenna, and forwarded to the other posts online abuse su.

yesterday afternoon, huang yiqing in weibo, m woman and z surnamed table tennis players with"hair", also is"the procuress"in entertainment at m name is woman.

although in the end he called su beside two yards, but before sending the code pictures are zhang jike.many eat the melon suspected that he was getting at su ran through the crowd with zhang jike situation.

huang yiqing from beginning to end in the comments said that he didn't mention zhang jike three words, is a netizen speculation, but forward a zhang jike was removed from the news, with its own fact to deserve it.

the news, public opinion is fast fermentation.some netizens dug zhihu, a blogger lead to public opinion is escalating.

a net friend to ask blog master, the meaning is quite another.

zhang jike studio in the afternoon also send statement rumours, shall be investigated for legal responsibility and said to the truth.

and rocky qingyuan comments zhang jike delisted screenshots have been deleted, yesterday afternoon, he also sent the m star had great revelations.

this morning also forward su lesson article

i didn't think su court huang yiqing straight away in the afternoon, the rocky wang did not respond to this matter.

however, huang yiqing was face is not the first time.

huang yiqing officially open to tear and huang yi started cutting hard also disorderly family dog blood.

after huang yiqing continuously in weibo broke his ex-wife huang yi"in love", and involves a number of insiders.

the huang yize to report, concurrent lawyer letter and calls for immediate huang yiqing stop issuing and block the related published insulting, defamatory information.

after the right to visit her daughter, huang yiqing interview admitted his various indictment of huang yi is smear is defamation, can say everything is in order to see the children.

at the end of the day, huang yi prosecution huang yiqing achieved victory.but for huang yi won the huang yiqing said don't appeal to her daughter.

to him before he took pgone zhuowei and kiss as li xiaolu's car.

zhuowei denies this.

and"see"on wednesday by the notion of public relations also was overridden by the netizens, because people found figure silhouette is sicong revelations.

with the news of zhao wei has been divorce circulated on the internet recently.

the source of the original message from huang yiqing, tweeting yesterday he called"divorced"the swallow, many netizens have lenovo to zhao wei,"zhao wei divorce"this entry also boarded out soon.

then responded zhao studio is the rumor, said the news is false news on the net, also captures the huang yiqing weibo write the word"false".

now, huang yiqing was su sued, now he has not made any response to this matter.

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