the gangster wife photo seconds to understand which one is the real winner in life!


jason chu

jason chu plays a nest in the series skin and banana can see he is very popular among the young and dangerous, otherwise the director also won't let his resurrection.can some people say that jason chu is not one of the gangster abital, big not one of the five big bear all, but jason chu is early.

jason chu wife is tan kaixin, two people after marriage is produced with two daughters, are now very rare appearance jason chu media, now tan kaixin or is very beautiful, all can't see she is the mother of two, two people very low-key, live their own lives.

lin xiaofeng

lin xiaofeng plays wrapping a corner in the series.can be said to be one of the most cowardly of fight no use at ordinary times, but it is one of the most popular actor scenes.lin xiaofeng and a program hostess at the same time, that year also hosted with eric tsang"crown's master"and make a noise in the world.

lin xiaofeng's wife is also a tvb actor, although not as good as lin xiaofeng, famous but looks beautiful atmosphere.after marriage for lin xiaofeng has two sons.although lin xiaofeng not liked in young and dangerous, but in five of the child the most one.

michael tse

michael tse plays big day 2 in the series.and the students is the same period and aaron kwok, michael tse acting is also very good, which plays in the stealth sniper laughing and popular in the corner of the audience favorite.

michael tse's wife, tina, began dating from 1993, two people to walk down the aisle in 2005.two people married for ten years and has no children, later gave birth to a child by artificial insemination, thus round two children dream for many years.


jordan chan plays pheasant in the series.the most notes irritating pheasant is a gangster.

the wife of chen xiao chun ying cai er, when two people are belong to an artist company and get to know each other.ying cai er is a woman of emotional intelligence is very high, and only he can be uniform chen xiao chun.two people get married later have a son, now three feel happy.

ekin cheng

ekin plays chan ho-nam in the series.of course, a lot of people like chan ho-nam this role in the series, including small make up also is one of the fans.

in the emotional, a lot of people say ekin is"deceit philandering man"feelings and maggie siu seven years died, luisa maria leitao after three years, ms.leung's seven years, and now his wife mung is also talked about the seven years of be in love to get married.unfortunately, ekin cheng still have no children of their own.

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