supermodel precisely giants childe netizens to rational analysis: ming xi is really stupid or obtuse

hello, and every girl in the best of time, all hope to meet a never break up of be in love, harvest a never divorce of marriage.female star is not exceptional also, supermodel precisely giants childe, netizen analysis:ming xi is really stupid or playing dumb?

supermodel slowly over the years, the general public by the end of last year's victoria's secret show was held in shanghai, china's supermodel again luxuriant appearance, to say the interest is very high, just grab a mirror most really fell ming xi.also is such, her by more people to find the whereabouts of entertainment circle.this is falling to the entertainment industry.

the time difference between"love", a very famous bet kings son lawrence jun, the show in a direction ming xi court do not say, is it exhibits infatuation.but the behavior of the ming xi is the routines.

ming xi not only will always throw cold water on their don't care, will always pull lawrence jun elder sister came out as a shield.because he chao surplus with ming xi first meet, just have the acquaintance of the lawrence king.but a lot of boys for this kind of accessory relationship all don't care for it very much.

face big childe, a netizen said:if you don't want to be, smart girl will refuse in this state of mind, ming xi is not stupid, to be deliberate, let the boy who;of course there are also net friend analysis, could be true silly, also didn't accept the olive branch, from giants more panic.

ming xi again to participate in the variety show, idol come after, ming xi supermodel work less slowly, it is more and more entertainment variety show, even participate in the film characters.lawrence jun is also a barrage of develop a lot of variety show, mainland reality show as:life is like a play all by acting.

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