zhao and katyn forest to update the new year with the wave making cover close intimacy and let gao embarrassing

the new year began, magazines in open cover enlarge recruit.in addition to the single cover of jing is colourful, double edition is much more emotion and sense of story.

15 and fan bingbing, fit for the temptation, half-naked 15 showed strong arms a around fan bingbing, seductive

this fan bingbing wearing a bright red dress and it's good to"get married"slogan, is suggested that two people good nearly 18 years?

two same version of the theme, the magazine chose to update lin zhao and katyn that a pair of good gay friend, actually affection,"we also line"

see two people move back and forth in the city, eating chocolate bars, bubble gum, lollipops, is it not of said"we just want sweet fried you"?









林更新打电话给赵又廷,赵又廷居然开口就问“你没钱是吧?”very straightforward ah, is really love

however, so good to update lin, gao does not angry?zhao and katyn also made explanations, accompany lin update for us, is actually a kind of public welfare activities, three people together without any problems

fair and lin rookie conjugal love, more low-key and gao, zhao again was a winner in life.not long ago, gao was photographed face long little meat meat, still use to coat covered the belly

don't know whether i will have a good news?

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