now, li-ying zhao to admit that he is willing to marry the man?

the heat of the

li-ying zhao this year, has been out of the top, and the chuqiaochuan red, is to let her popularity soared.cannot but, rely on the strength and acting skills to improve their yingbao, relying on their own efforts, finally together into the top position of the stars, because"spend bone"red of the play, all the way to make a fire, a rhythm, really walk is a zigzag way.debut for ten years, forever its own foothold, but it can fire so wonderful, have to say, people love to her, and they, also more and more attention.

each made a new film, people will see different to the picture, what and who together is the most worthy of, each has a different topic with the hero.but has been quietly support of her people, can bring her to help the biggest, let her has been in my heart never forget, exactly is who?

li-ying zhao is a very poor family background, no background, no support, is on a person's efforts, constantly from career to find belongs to own position.forever after nearly two years of several works come out, let people see the serious actor, the most pure people side, people are pretty, even acting skills become chun, opportunities for people, is to give more support, while every opportunity in front of li-ying zhao has been widely used, so i let her real toward success.compared to worry about, but said many audiences li-ying zhao emotional world is still a blank, and who together, though it may seem are in scope, but which one is your prince charming, has not let a person see out, this is also the general audience very worried.

li-ying zhao's feelings is a blank, but quite a lot gossip boyfriend, from li yi feng to william, then update and queer wu lin was mentioned, actually everybody is with impression in speculation, and these people are all looks, but there was none in hand.

words here, everyone began to envy ajit, what the teacher has been to yingbao very support, from the beginning, i started out with her on the that time, the lovely, li-ying zhao is stupid talk also no eq, but in what the teacher was gentle eyes, more and more people begin to like her, began to forgive her, this is a bit silly cute girl, as more and more like the popular star, what is the support of the teacher, have no matter to speak for her, it is inseparable, this is also yingbaobao often look at what the teacher's eyes, is full of thick warmth.

yingbao before once said, three years no one to marry him, that is not married.but faced with the outside world all sorts of questions, yingbao to what the teacher's evaluation is also very high, we're just good friends, and he also take care of me.actually the mutual tolerance and protection, is the trust between each other, and have the passion of the trust, or not about love, is a good thing for li-ying zhao is 30 years old, but still like a 18-year-old girl delicate and exquisite, is you know maintenance.

all know yingbao in circle is not too will talk, but it is because of her pure, so look more lovely.step by step to be red, ajit stood behind how important the role, rather than being with red star, can develop so highly.

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