eric tsang pgone li xiaolu successively lok ma!net friend: the poison dumb wangjie the perpetrators of the exposure

entering this just more than 10 days in 2018, that in the entertainment circle is a"bad".first, li xiaolu drama night event opens the 2018 years, then even sora aoi are married, then pgone black material were constantly, but for more than a week of serial events, you must be bored!in moderate plot, explosive moment is coming!hong kong and taiwan bosses eric tsang revelations years ago rape kit ying lam event!

the eyes watching entertainment world bright stars next to a plant under the zhuowei broke!netizens have said:zhuowei quick explode some new material, we have already can't wait!by cleaning up the garbage in the entertainment circle!

although zhuowei after the fact, eric tsang first ask a lawyer team issued a clarification, and i will pursue"zhuowei"legal responsibility.but netizens doesn't seem to be bullish on clarification of eric tsang, one-sided think eric tsang has a problem!and others ridicule"originally help li xiaolu deus ex machina was eric tsang".

after eric tsang clarification announcement, before long, is one of the godmother of modeling gracehan suspected released"real hammer"nu dui eric tsang, and also called on other victims, don't be silent, stand accused of eric tsang.i'm afraid eric tsang are to be planted, zhuowei as"entertainment first"paparazzi is not is not reported, as long as reported to estimate close.see here, eat the melon crowd angrily said"zhuowei now that so much, why did wangjie be poison dumb, the murderer is still at large?"

you may not know, in those days in hong kong, has a great sensation in the entertainment industry, the truth remains a mystery-who gave wangjie poison, lead to become the dumb, in an interview with mr.waterman, a reporter mentioned wangjie whether know who poisoned yourself, wangjie's answer is"i know who it was, but now released is not the time", so don't say out, after so many years, is the bottom?zhuowei netizens believe that you must know, looking forward to your report!

you might don't know who is wangjie, arguably wangjie that year is by one man, resistance of the four major kings of hong kong people!but in his life the most brilliant prospect light, by others, although scrounge a life, but it turned into a mute.

netizen speculation who was poisoned, but zhuowei didn't respond, this time, the net friend request again zhuowei exposure was poisoned, don't know zhuowei will surely this time?we wait and see!

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