cai guoqing talk about the girlfriend of the wen wanwan sister that the young girls no wonder that it is not to the english!

music doyen mild-manner singer with that year is a popular idol, as we now say, is a national level of male god.such an acting skill and the weight of the"little fresh meat", nature also attracted a lot of fans!

"evergreen"mild-manner singer with foreign said unmarried, even if the outside world knew that he had two relationship, for don't know whether married or having children.last year on september 22, revealing the mild-manner singer with articles"license"already, and confirm the tape to complete a"where dad", he said in a statement to bring his son"to see the world", but let the fans"look for"the earlier.

"where dad"broadcast last year in the fourth quarter, mild-manner singer with really brought his son to attend, also because the cover of the variety let mild-manner singer with the audience familiar again, mild-manner singer with admitted after married, the news about his wife who has become the focus concern of the netizens, and shows mild-manner singer with wife also appeared but has not seen is face.

, although cai has not mentioned any news about his wife, he has talked about his past relationships on the show.

mild-manner singer with the first girlfriend is american, named ace.mild-manner singer with and ace met in march 1994, meet for a show, to know each other and fell in love, and ace unrequited love for 5 years, but eventually because they pay more attention to give fans and forces of honour and gave up to go to america to marry, ace.for the lost first love, cai guoqing's assessment is"like water like a song.

mild-manner singer with the second girlfriend, d.(the chinese name is mild-manner singer with, he said in his eyes, from the first time he see christine is graceful appearance.)the swiss, who met cai on a flight to hainan on a holiday with their parents during their teenage years, are a swiss.her parents often asked cai to come home for a visit, so they became acquainted with each other.

but after because rui christine's parents were out of china, rui d.back to europe.over the next few years, she kept close correspondence with cai.more than a decade after she left china, she wrote a letter telling cai that she missed china very much and soon got a reply.unlike in the past, cai also wrote a short chinese version of the letter and asked if she would go back to china to see who she wanted to see.and she wrote back in chinese:the bed was bright moonlight, and it was the frost on the ground.look at the moon and look down at national day.

summer vacation in 2000, she returned to china.during a dinner with cai guoqing in beijing, she was touched by cai's heart-shaped dinner, and the two officially confirmed their relationship.cai guoqing sang a song called"kitten", which was sent to riting as a christmas spite of their love and affection, they are appreciated by each other's parents, but they are still estranged from each other because of their long-distance relationship and separation.

then mild-manner singer with and admitted his had a chinese girlfriend, even the girlfriend high name what looks, reporters saw none.however, the chinese girlfriend is not exactly the wife of cai guoqing.

however, confusingly mild-manner singer with had talked about so many times in love, have so many girlfriends, but no one with him the girlfriend formal appeared in front of the media, no peculiar smell a formally accepted the media interview.

in those days na ying with dry dumb voice don't red, it was not until 1988 with a song"gully channel"to get 1991, cai guoqing sang a song"365 blessings"in spring ying was very fond of cai guoqing.

in the episode, mild-manner singer with talk about the past together with na ying also volunteered to talk about the situation that she liked cai that time, she was very good to cai, and often gave him chocolates or other food.

in the mild-manner singer with na ying like at that time, the mild-manner singer with is a foreign girlfriend at the time, but the foreigner girlfriend in finland, is not at home, two people love is doomed to break up over, so na ying or mild-manner singer with or full of expectation, said he is willing to wait for him.

but mild-manner singer with unacceptable na ying, his truth, na ying too provocative bright personality.the two of them are not the old days, ying wondered why cai guoqing didn't see himself.cai guoqing direct say:i still do not have a liking to you, i see is your sister that the impression of cai guoqing, na ying's sister was always with na ying, and every time she saw cai guoqing, she was very popular, which was a very obvious contrast with that of na ying.

these years, nayinggong, we are still friends, two people are not so to ying every time see cai guoqing, still will be funny ask him now will he regret that he did not choose her?


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