maoming sobs and talks about sexual assault and is treated with violence

2015 miss hong kong champion maiming poetry maiming in social platform last night long hair from jie suffered sexual assault, and more than once, while the other is the people of hong kong, but at the time in the mainland, so no further action, after she is 17, when questioned at the age of 18 in the mainland exchange tour.some netizens questioned her sensationalism, saying that she was sexually assaulted, and that she published a long article explaining the legal definition of sexual assault, sexual harassment, incivility and rape.

maiming poetry back to tv city starts today, appeared in public for the first time in response to sexual assault, once more when interviewed a sob.because she is in a column after the"hong kong,"said the track and field hurdle virgin lv liyao from jie said hong kong was the former coach of sexual assault after dispatch, so by netizens doubt is to hype, reporters asked her if she would ever touched injustice?she said she was a little did she tell her story?instructions relating to sex in hong kong society is not to mention, if she said yesterday was playing, you won't have a problem, but if she says violated yesterday, good will, but it is a crime.

maiming poem graduated from cambridge university school of law, is hong kong 10 a scholar.

mcmming says more than once in the long text, she said it was the most profound, there was a violent component to her, she struggled, but she could not break free.then why didn't she call the mainland?she said she was young and wanted to return to hong kong as soon as possible.since they are hong kong people, why not pursue them in hong kong?she said that after returning to hong kong, she and her mother had filed a record with the police department.she said that the incident was not in hong kong, so the police did not take concrete action.for internet users think she make a mountain out of a molehill, will say no evil initiative invasion, she said she read the former law terms may not like vw, others think evil, it's not a big deal, but seeral are serious crime, a maximum sentence of 10 years in hong kong.she said that it is not the label that she is the victim.the point is that she wants to have a positive impact, and she doesn't want to have the same type of incident, so she has to learn to protect herself and protect herself.

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