reduction lin zhiling was a full-body red swelling event!na ying: what do you have?

recently, lin and chen qin shu culture thing, had at first everybody feel chen mouth too smelly, bully woman hero is nothing, with the further development of events, lin has a lot of black material was dug up, a lot of people found that lin is a prosperous times the white lotus flower!

?even no one say don't know, before i also always put her confused with someone else, can now distinguish, na ying, after all, but we all know the popularity of the king, even have to sell to her face huang xiaoming, but nayingjie temper really straight, let a person and love and hate.

na ying

na ying once because of his personality had a loss, even if things cause itself doesn't blame her, the elder sister level nayingceng was formerly known as early music media criticism, said she borrowed meal humiliate lin, if simply to tell you, she bullying lin, the thought of the straight temper also not necessarily true.the news broke that she had been forced to drink alcohol when she was allergic to alcohol, and lin was suffering from a red ear.then he never argued or responded to it.

na ying and chiling lin

na ying lin and sit at the same table to have a meal, active toast, lin na ying relief for dry, wine results lin don't drink.

naeng says this is wrong, thinking,"what do you have?"she said:"lin zhiling, you are in beijing!what's the next thing you don't drink, you know?"








那英可不会怜香惜玉,直接逼她喝掉,其实也是在帮林志玲,那如果是台湾的规矩可以不喝,但是要是在北京,不行,你再有规矩,你得按着北京的规矩来。since know allergy, should take tea directly to respect, come to the mainland also should understand the rule of the mainland first, otherwise meet like na ying such person also can't explain!

na ying apologize

to be honest, if lin can't drink, don't choose a toast, or worship before saying i can't drink, to drink tea to also go!but then the media were scolding na ying and na ying had to apologize!

/p> in this entertainment circle, drinking can shorten the distance, drinking can establish interpersonal relationship, and the way to drink out of the relationship will be wider, so the thought is natural.however, like lin chi-ling, who can't drink it, it's hard to make a looks like the entertainment industry is really bad, and the bright and decent people in the entertainment circle are facing the opposite side of the difficulties...forget it.let's do this!


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