yang ying years old in japan the fourth huang xiaoming the fourth huang xiaoming to accept the hot eyes!

stars always have some unknown historical photos, now in the light of each of them, in fact, before they were not famous photos and now are not the same.

south korea's yoo in na is a typical cosmetic successful female star, in the"ghost", yoo in na as the beauty of the manager ghost heart tick away, small eyes, but before she did folds and the goddess above can't match completely, but yoo in na finally also admitted his facial plastic surgery.

he ling, mrs now really is full of happiness with jay, he ling can do their favorite things, her 14-year-old photos, neat bang, baby fat, although not now have fashionable feeling, but really is natural pure beauty.

and yang is the queen of the airport now, which have their own aura, but look at her photo before, really very soil, and the whole people is still very dark, with state of the skin can't than now.

but the biggest change should be angelababy.yang ying was first known for her sweet appearance.when she participated in the variety show, many people felt that yang ying was really beautiful, just like a barbie doll.and baby's appearance has become a model for many people's plastic surgery!

but before net friend broke again angelababy in japan as a model of photograph, like to eat ice cream in the street is ungainly, but in those days peculiar aesthetic and honeydew.but that was the time to dress up like that, right?like the non-mainstream of the year!

even liquor was also filmed male friends, don't know what was a situation?but look at this guy's face, it's really hard to connect him with a gentleman!should be good friends?this is a pose, don't we also often have all sorts of grotesque pendulum clap?

angelababy is said to be a teenager and tattoos, but also the shape is really appreciate the beauty of the fixed?does the yellow lord see if he's scared?as a child but into the model, and the community good and evil people mixed up, angelababy in such a complex circles to blend in this circle, is also not easy, and also see individual be fond of tattoos!

actually angelababy childhood photos is very cute, then long more and more strange, although it is said that because of at that time with braces, and now still differ too much.maybe it's the current makeup technique and attention maintenance.

but see her early years in hong kong tv series, appearance level was playing god!at that time, baby's acting was very good!

everyone has had a period of black history, as long as good now!huang xiaoming also loves yang ying very much.in the interview, huang asked about yang's past, adding:"who hasn't been young?"

two people now also gave birth to a small sponge, the family is very warm, is husband and wife two acting skills improve to promote good well, what do you think?


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