why is lin zhiling no one dare?after reading these photos: who can bear it!

has a"goddess of frozen age,"said lin is now 43 years old, is still very beautiful, the figure is still very perfect, used to be many"dreams", but beautiful, body, temper good lin, also can be said to be the various conditions can also, why haven't find a boyfriend?always find your best home?take a look at these photos and you'll see.

lin with the hong kong pass the gossip of the rich, the rich call cecil chao, he in the entertainment circle only like lin, once spent 1 million lin, please attend the activities, in order to lead to lin's hand, spent 1 million finally led to lin's hands, at the back of the things don't know, at that time from the gossip of the two.

shot from the synchronized sister lin, and ma tianyu very close, then spread the horse tianyu to lin practise fraud, wipe a lot of oil, but lin did not say what, also not with ma tianyu, then let the audience thought the two is"try", small make up to say, the entertainment circle is really open!

and chiling lin affair in the rich, is the most the gou and lin spread gossip.the taiwan's richest man, at the time of foxconn's party, had the dance with lin, relationship is very ambiguous, at a time when carina lau is also very gou is very close, once out of relationships, makes the"triangle"embarrassed, but in the end mr.gou said he and lin:single to single!lin also denied the relationship.

a few years ago, taiwan's entertainment world famous"procuress"dai junyi a list actress to be leaked, when lin and other several female stars are received, we won't go to pursue the truth of things.the media have also revealed a photo of suspected lin zhiling, which is very embarrassing!the net friend say:this kind of woman give me, i also can not hold!

lin also by media photographed by passers-by"hijack tofu", the scene is very chaotic, while being overcharged lin, but she was very calm, no panic.

> after seeing these photos, some netizens said,"no, i don't want it, i can't stand it!"another netizen said:i can't bear to see these pictures.who can bear it?

recently, lin was revealed, and the former boyfriend jerry took the news of the composite, and lin's birthday, birthday cake that jerry suspected, but in the end has not been confirmed, two people also did not respond.i hope lin chi-ling can find her best home as soon as possible.

what do you think lin is what reason, still don't have a boyfriend?

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