is this the old man who kissed half of the entertainer and he was an old rascal?


,"he was a 70-year-old man who went out in 1990 and took 19 years to become famous, but his biggest achievement was to kiss the actress in the entertainment circle half of the time, and he was considered an old hooligan.

today we say the person is jiayi zhang, 39, jiayi zhang in 2009 with"the humble abode"in a corner"song siming"quickly became corrupt officials.

began in november 2017, jiayi zhang first appeared in tv series"the emergency doctor", then"hunting ground","my pe teacher"and"especially the day with bright four series in each big tv almost at the same time take in prime time.with the broadcast of the tv series, we have been running for five years.

jiayi zhang first in the emergency department doctors be wang lao dan strong lips!!!

after my pe teacher and 90 xiao-chen wang various sweet greasy the kissing scene of the dead, the last in on the splendid days and our goddess turning high-handed strong lips.

although jiayi zhang with his acting, in each big tv screen to open the screen on the model, at the same time also almost kiss a showbiz star, that is a reflection of strength;but zhang jiashan is still very special in the real life, and gave birth to her daughter in 2010!there are so many acting, there are not so many actors, he has to give him a thumbs-up!