is it also for the 500 million wang sicong to make a hundred million to zto all lost light?even jack ma marveled

wang sicong has always been a red man in the entertainment industry, and he has no idea who he is.once he tweets, he looks for a net red.the following is a joke or a joke.but he is not in the entertainment industry of the people, but a businessman with tens of millions of assets, a large part of people think before sicong as china's traditional"rich second generation"will not make money, every day will only think about beauty.but recently, after the release of the hurun rich list of china's post-80s wealth generation, wang sicong is worth$5 exactly did this$5 billion come from?

sicong from dad there supported by 500 million, instead of using the he squandered sicong and invested in five listed companies, a high return on investment of over the years, sicong value from 500 million to 500 million yuan for over 12 times the left and right sicong invests in a wide range of's father, wang jianlin, said publicly that his son was not involved in any of the wanda group, and he set up an investment company.

, another son of entertainment entertainment's quite different.xiang huaqiang's position in hong kong's entertainment industry must be well known, including joseph lau, jackie chan and jet li.

charles heung for ground gave to his son in the entertainment circle, not only took 500 million movie"god legend", for the movie to get the entertainment circle for the martial arts star jet li, the best actor nick cheung, fan bingbing, star, all of them as a foil to assist, the movie, claiming to sell 2.5 billion box office less than 300 million as a result, word of mouth bad can't be sent.

a china's richest man, the son of the prince of a mafia in hong kong, and in the entertainment's 500 million yuan, so what's the difference?who do you think is better?leave your comments!welcome to the joke!

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