when in love, the family members of the two sides are opposed to the blessings of a grand wedding to invite half the entertainment circle

wang zhonglei is a famous film and television investor, and he founded huayi brothers advertising company with his brother wang zhongjun in the early years.later, he transformed the film and television production company and made many excellent films, such as"endless"by feng xiaogang,"a sigh"and so on.and in fact, huayi brothers film director feng xiaogang and cooperation is very much, in the early years of"1942""assembly"and so on, and the recent"i'm not the lotus of pan gold"also have the participation of huayi brothers!

and wang zhonglei today's success, also cannot leave behind her wife wang.first of all, wang xiaolong likes wang zhonglei because she thinks wang zhonglei is"handsome"and"a nice guy".but wang zhonglei rejected her, because he likes older girls, more mature!

in later wang zhonglei business failure, the impoverished wang zhonglei called wang, said"let's get married!"in fact, wang xiaolong already had a boyfriend, but she didn't tell wang zhonglei the truth, instead say"let's talk"!later, wang xiaolong went to beijing to find wang zhonglei, and then they officially established the relationship.

but wang zhonglei with wang, was encountered opposition from both parents.when wang xiaolong was back in chongqing, he was locked up by his parents, and the family ignored wang zhonglei completely.on the other side, wang zhonglei's parents are completely unable to understand why the son is taking a field girl.

wang zhonglei see wang's mother has been ignored him, frustrated, he walks with wang had to return to beijing!unexpectedly, i was in a car accident on the way home, wang zhonglei was not injured in order to protect wang xiaolong, she took her in her arms tightly, finally wang zhonglei injured and sewed 10 stitches!however, wang zhonglei received the understanding and recognition of wang xiaolong's family.

although wang family moved agree that two people, but wang zhonglei but failed to convince his parents.at the end of the marriage, the couple chose to hold the wedding ceremony in wang xiaolong's family(chongqing), but the family members of wang zhonglei's family did not go to the blessing.

now 20 years later, wang zhonglei and wang has had a son and a daughter.just 20 years after their marriage, wang made up a big wedding for his wife, wang xiaolong, and invited the stars of the entertainment industry to attend.huang xiaoming, na ying, feng xiaogang, zhao baogang and wang xiaofei all turned up to bless!

and wang zhonglei a pair of children are in the 20 years of marriage they bear the wedding flower, na ying and other friends act as the maid of honor, and the final bouquet is eternal song dan-dan famous grab.

wang zhonglei expression on his face at the wedding of wang said:"twenty years ago, i carry a bag is to marry you, also didn't let you put on marriage gauze, 20 years later i'll give you with the most beautiful wedding dress!"this remark touched everyone present.

wang zhonglei daughter wang wen has also been studied abroad, and at a young age is expensive!son wang yuan is also handsome and lovely, and also participated in the variety show"dad came back", which seems to be also intended to make it into the entertainment industry!

wang zhonglei a family of four, very happy!


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