hiding in the closet in the middle of the night to give my husband a pleasant surprise to hear that i ate a fly

i'm a campus love, i'm beautiful, i have a lot of people, my husband is one of them, he writes me a love letter every day, he asks me to go to the movies, soon i'm in the dark.at that time, the husband was also a little handsome boy, smiling very sunny.we talked for three years and got married after graduation.it was early in the class.

:when i got married, my husband was still a clerk, i was a nurse, and i was working for three shifts.at the beginning of the marriage, although my salary was low, my husband was good for me.later, my husband worked well and was promoted to manager.as he got more and more money, his attitude towards me grew colder and colder.every time i tried to talk to him, my husband said he was too tired to hug.

the husband slowly now fat, hair also began to less, but he is a little small, say, 35, was the best of times, a man side of miss yan yan not a few.over time, i found that my husband was carrying me on the phone, and there was a scent in his clothes.i think my husband would have cheated on me.women's intuition is very sensitive!

i lied to my husband one day and told him to get out of business, he nodded his head and said yes, i purposely hid in the closet to give him a surprise.i heard the door open soon after i got in, and the husband and a woman came in talking and laughing.i heard the sound of my best friend.

later, sure it was her, the husband say:small clear ah, my wife was not at home, we are free.

my best friend:i don't want to be so secretive.when did you get divorced and married me? i want to be with you on the bright side.

husband:honey, wait a minute, i'll transfer my family property to your account, so we can rest easy.

i feel like eating a fly is disgusting, this is to dog men and women, one is my best friend, one is my husband, i want to be angry to vomit blood.

married for five years, every day i go to work, go off work to take care of son, the husband often dinner party, sometimes we have a week not delicious meal at home, this is not the life i want, think how much we love each other.i secretly recorded on my cell phone, but he had to get out of the house.

friends, do you support me?for action.

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