wang ke accidentally said that the two people flash marriage the real reason netizen god comments: liu tao is also in the husband pit!

"dear inn"continue to hot air on this week, this is a big attraction and liu tao wang ke couple tenth wedding anniversary, two people can say crazy dog food, and the relationship between little secret is to let person inconceivable, when everyone is perfect love exclamation, said wang ke is inadvertent leakage when the real reason of flash marriage, liu tao netizen:the husband is too pit!

believe we all know, wang ke in current sharing love details, claims to flash marriage with liu tao met only 20 days, even their parents don't know, or secretly married, more importantly, they didn't together, just talked their ideas after they get married.this word is a moment of chen xiang immediately mongolia circle, the day, ask a pair of normal couple how can achieve such speed, it is unreasonable!when all the confusion was at hand, the truth was revealed by wang ke.

wang ke mentioned in an interview with the director, i compare when i was young frivolous, talk sometimes not quite normal, but a year later, the doctor told me, she and i had a pretty tired of that, i had to give her something she didn't feel have much good, after some things, she slowly to the right way of life to influence me, so i think this two years, i am more normal!the remark immediately drew a netizen a hot discussion!

careful netizens noticed, said wang ke in the passage of time, referred to the two time node, the first is"one year later, the second is the"after some thing."these two time nodes can't help but think that wang ke went bankrupt and experienced the worst of his life.but there is a detail, after some things, liu tao once said to wang ke:i am very tired with you, in fact, some of the things you gave me are not what i want!although wang ke elaborates this paragraph is very implicit, but we can understand completely, liu tao originally flash marriage is very likely to be directed toward the rich door life, after all, the price of the wang ke is claimed 20 billion ah!

although is such, but two people's feelings is beyond doubt, take wang ke's words:liu tao changed me a lot!he also admitted that he had been relatively normal in the two years, and he had experienced the ups and ke had not been the young and frivolous boy!respect the path to become the couple get along with each other, in addition to this, also because of persistent personality liu tao just let this survival ten years of marriage, with liu tao's words is:i know you, i will recognize you!


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