wang sicong said that the english rolled out of the entertainment circle sun honglei also opened the face to open a tear to what is wrong?

na ying since into the scene and obtained many achievements, but now she also be a bit position in music, so na ying in programs often show a"commanding"sense of superiority, the na ying in the program completely shows her character and personality with the negative, it is so na ying now suffered a lot of fun.

the husband sicong already secure entertainment industry the position of the disciplinary committee, up to the stars, down to the red line 18 small net, no he can't find a place fire blast.count had been sicong nu dui people already can add up to two dinner, recently sicong is the coronal one anger is a beauty, propaganda na ying for her to get out of the entertainment circle, what happened?

li-ying zhao as ablaze hand can hot female star, with efforts to get the audience recognition, not only won lin updating and sicong this brothers two people fall in sicong has repeatedly stated her love for zhao liying, saying that zhao liying is good, not vain, and outspoken, different from other female stars in the entertainment industry.although zhao liying's refusal, but did not prevent wang sicong's appreciation.

, however, because zhao liying took part in the opening ceremony of the knife lang's bar, she angrily scolded zhao liying for being a little goblin, and said that zhao liying and the two men had an ambiguous relationship, which angered wang sicong.

is not angry, but zhao liying is not angry, but says:i am an abrasive goblin, and this sentence fully reflects zhao liying's generosity and resourcefulness, so she is praised by netizens:high eq.

na ying with daolang is offended, deep daolang was once of the singer, but comments daolang na ying said that he is nothing, even said daolang song only farmers, this next nayingke farmers have sinned against, in addition, na ying was also rumoured to have daolang show she refused to attend.the man who retired from the entertainment industry was also subjected to the exclusion of na for wang sicong's hand, many netizens speculated that he was trying to vent his anger on his father, wang jianlin.after all, wang jianlin was a huge fan of the sword.

recently, eason chan was poking fun at good voice inside na ying accusation eason chan is not professional, and say the show is a script.the netizen can't help but be shocked!our disciplinary committee, wang sicong, said again that he was a"good actor"and that he should act!and threatened that she should get out of showbiz!

in sicong li-ying zhao, hand tore na ying, after the net friend unexpectedly choose sides sicong, said everyone support na ying get out of the entertainment circle, the teacher not to participate in the programme among others, are more worthy to continue to develop in the entertainment ying's character is not actually a day for two days, the play is the norm, to participate in the variety show is more threatening to others, once ran straight male who dare him to tear itself, only begin by ryan, deng chao is threatening.

sun hong2 lei2 once said"na ying doesn't make sense,"sicong and i are directly with na ying positive tore it open.sun honglei's domineering help wang sicong!

everyone for na ying of these behaviors are what do you think?na ying should not scold?

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