she had been killed by the last woman who refused to commit suicide.

"hidden rules"has always been a constant topic in the entertainment industry.


"the unwritten rule"is successful, there will be a lot of resources waiting for you, if you refuse, it will be difficult to develop in this circle, this is the rules of the entertainment circle, and everyone knows it.

> exactly which stars have accepted the unwritten rules, we don't know, but we will take a look at some of the actresses who reject the rules.

rulu, once is the hidden rules for refusing to the entertainment circle, north drift after ten years really red.

many years later, when she has fame, she is revealed in the entertainment industry in the show the hidden rules of chaos.

at that time, many netizens are support rulu, said the people who need it through is the entertainment circle.

is fine, jiang xin's efforts for so many years have not been in vain, since the"zhen huan biography"has gone viral, the popularity has been high.

zhang jingchu, is a very talented actress, but she have a class a international film festival best actress, performance levels are online in appearance, small make up the most like is her that"peacock", but that is not fire up.

there are close to the net friend said that, in zhang jingchu just hit it, i met a local tyrants, want to have her, zhang jingchu rejected on the spot, then local tyrants charge as long as a$30 million directly, but all zhang jingchu rebuffed.

is a woman who does not bow to the power of money, must be confused in showbiz?this may be the main reason why she is not red, it is really painful, the acting is so good, but it is not red.

i'm still alive, a hearty and generous woman, temperament is really good, but i didn't think of is that the value of hidden rules should also happened in i'm still alive.

when at the time of filming"comeback", a sponsor wants to use 5 million hidden rule, i'm still alive and with"if you don't agree to remove all your scenes"to threaten her.

didn't fire that i'm still alive, not famous, has good exposure to come out by the director, it saved stephy, just between the sponsors and the director must be hard to continue the cooperation, such a good director, trouble to the entertainment industry to a dozen.

> now qi wei was spoiled by li cheng-hyun, and two years ago, they had their own little public life.

jang, but the south korean female artist aren't so lucky, she's event also proved that the south korean entertainment industry, not only the us mainland, no matter where, this circle is not clean.

it is after her suicide, for survivors after being exposed to the public that it had caused a huge stir in korea.

in between 2005 and 2009, provide new sleep with service, and recorded the reception site in a suicide note and the guest's career, is appalling, actually there is a bed with four men, this matter has let her unforgettable, this has always been her eternal pain.

later, a part of the letter once more exposure, more outrageous to the extreme.

:"even if it's the day of the parents' death, it's the devil who's been summoned to go out to sleep with him, and i've made a list of them, and i'll have to get even after i die."

, and the broker's reward still requires her to pay in full, so that she can't be tortured, and revealed that other female artists of the same agency have been forced to do so.

as a teenage girl, committed suicide in the home, some people just figure a fast, has destroyed their life.

, i can't help but think of blue clean, the beautiful woman like the god of heaven, who was raped by the entertainer and caused a mental aberration.

the present situation of the entertainment industry in at any time, some people is to take the upper, those who want to take the upper shall by no means in the minority.

also looks at the rich people who have the money to throw money on those people, and let the good actors and actresses who are clean and ready to act.


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