he used to be the handsome man in the qiong yao tv series

red for decades, it has brought many actors to stardom.like qin and han, qin xianglin, ma jingtao, liu dekai, lin ruiyang and so on, they all have been red over the chinese region due to the male number one in the qiongyao show.and when that money the audience tears of heaven tears, also let the audience remember to play an exhibition yunfei tuo chung-hua, he not only rich young wan ku bossiness, knowledgeable, humility, to oneself beloved person, can even fixation for life.

tuo chung-hua was born in 1962 in taipei, taiwan is not only the actor, also worked as a singer.the second brother is a producer, and the youngest brother, chung-kang, is a variety show host.tuo chung-hua was only 9 years old and he together and starred in the qin and han dynasties, the mother is thirty years old, but it was not until the late 80 s of the monitor report series that tuo chung-hua shot to fame, he is more with the"seven wolf"love troubles, and devoted to love"zheng hao"quickly became the"first-line niche"in the entertainment industry of taiwan, because of handsome appearance, temperament is natural and unrestrained, the man as well as media"taiwan version of andy lau.

this popular tuo chung-hua can be said to be the next film constantly, only he has six films formally opened in 1990.he even invited to hong kong in the 90 s, popular ms.hui, director of recognition, have appeared in the very way to track, the new meteor butterfly sword"and"the fall of hong kong"and so on several big port, all the audience left a deep impression.

in 1990, tuo chung-hua and andy lau, chun-hsiung ko partner, according to mr bo in the novel"exotic"plays deng kebao.through this role, he demonstrates his ability to harness complexity and tragic characters.

enshrined in the assembled sammo hung, jackie chan, andy lau, tony leung ka-fai and wang yu star of big shop sign"fire island", there are tuo chung-hua figure, and his action is not less.his fellow prisoner, xiao zhu, is a copy of tony leung ka-fai in"the prison,"although he doesn't seem to have the power to power his hand.starting with the film, the company has really shed its"idol"label and moved on to the ranks of the actors.

to prove that he has a very strong ability to adapt to the role of, tuo chung-hua was directed by johnnie to gangster film"tasteless detective"played a murderous confrontation, has changed the traditional impression of his audience.although the role is not much, but the gas field is full, each time the appearance of the pressure liu qingyun.

in the late 90 s, has been grinding out acting tuo chung-hua from big screen back on the small screen, his representative works in addition to the"heaven tears", like"evil","the solitary flower","no such person"and"dad refueling is tuo chung-hua career important work.the series had him nominated for the golden bell award, with the eventual winner of the"orphan flower"as the"emperor".

in 2007, tuo chung-hua li anzhi invite, played in the movie"lust, caution,"lao wu.

the tuo chung-hua in real life, however, with the screen he creates the gentle affectionate, integrity of the role of vastly different.in the early 1990s, when she was married to wu qianlin in the advertisement, they were also friends with the national academy of light arts.when people thought that he would marry wu qianlian, he suddenly heard that two people broke up because of their personality.

in 2002, tuo chung-hua mainland and 15 years younger than he married the girl chen for his wife, become a pair of"model couple"in the entertainment circle.it was only a decade later that the media reported negative news about his wife who had been under the influence of alcohol, and the two were divorced and their daughter was raised by her husband.in 2014, with his brother tuozongmin tuo chung-hua for intense physical confrontation in mother's stores and on the news headlines, the cases of violence, let his public image fell to the bottom.he also made a big shift from the prodigal son and the book student to the 360 degree of"domestic violence man".

may be followed in recent years, the negative influence of tuo chung-hua acting career, now he can in some film and television play supporting role, can let a person feel regret and regret.bon voyage in the film, tuo chung-hua actress drug dealer tuoge old many, obesity is obviously a lot of, also said dirty words, has been with the beautiful image of the handsome man in the play.

:"phase is born from the heart", don't know whether this is true or not in the case of chong hua?


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