this is why zhang left sa to choose wang feng

map feelings zhang ziyi in the distance is very tortuous, successively four relationships are known to all.first boyfriend henry fok's grandson, the younger brother of kenneth fok kai shan, although also be guo jingjing's brother-in-law, fok kai shan whether on money or appearance with zhang ziyi can may say is in shortage.

second boyfriend is referred to as"new york industry masters"41, the secret, two people also had a high-profile buy diamond ring announced their engagement, how chapter of collecting shi you fact cheating on a wealthy businessman, map chapter kicked so soon.however, can say perhaps the love is she at the time, duration of the long of be in love, although is also quite a pretty high, up to now, all cities are straight to the beach together two figure.

third boyfriend is reported to be sa beining, i'm afraid that everyone in the glasses, all people are suspicious of how the sa beining blind see chapter in shanghai, two people how to see all is not a stranger, who is a connotation is rich, handsome, the other one is the road of performing arts playactor, a rely on to win the audience's preferences, an all-powerful by appearance in the entertainment world, just for the two people's feelings will not be valued by people, was revealed, zhang's mother dislike this two people together, and in the process of zhang ziyi and sa beining've temporary, zhang also with fourth boyfriend is also the husband mr wang do not see anything going.zhang ziyi's mother also repeatedly implored zhang ziyi to separate from sa, and for her love to wang feng, zhang's mother was the has to be said that zhang's mother is also a tough beining itself is also a person in charge of solid, though not rich, but it is also a lot of women in the heart of idols, and zhang ziyi was eventually decided the rock singer was born of mr wang, presumably because feel themselves go with sa beining or less, actually everybody is perhaps a hypothetical, small and if, with critics argue that zhang ziyi law estimate brain images were city feel funny;the other hand, sa beining compared with mr wang, mr wang is a man of"flower heart", to treat his girlfriend is ti, rare romantic also is to let people place incoherent, i'm afraid that means the streams and rivers are sa beining to match it.

however, sa beining now must appreciate that zhang ziyi not married life, otherwise there will be no today's foreign daughter-in-law.the fourth boyfriend is zhang ziyi's current husband, wang feng, and the two men have a considerable advantage over the former boyfriend in a common language.we congratulate them on their happiness, though.

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