in the entertainment circle, is it true or false that wang zhonglei and the wild model twin play longevity peach play?

is about showbiz, and everyone's unified understanding is that your circle is really messy!

, wang zhonglei is the president of huayi media.

, a female star of wang zhonglei wan has been taken to the table earlier, and almost all the celebrities have gone to huayi, even angelababy and fan bingbing have not been spared.

some people say that wang zhonglei wife at home didn't status, deliberately show conjugal love, but that is not the case.

wang zhonglei is a very clear person who plays outside and plays outside, but doesn't affect the family.

is not the same as the two models playing the longevity peach play.i thought he'd be stupid enough to divorce his wife for this kind of slut?and the wife of big boss is also far more than average person has air quantity, otherwise air death oneself give the oriole ying yan to teng position?


this is different, different nature, publicly taken left left left

the entertainment circle is such a place, is then a lot of people, the name?for profit?


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