fan bingbing has been playing with him for two years and abandoned li chen.

the fan bingbing in the development of the entertainment industry is very good, even can be said to be in the entertainment industry an elder sister, also won't have too many objections, and generally there is fan bingbing, or a variety of activities, usually become a hot topic, cause a heated debate on the internet!can say fan bingbing is the center of public opinion!fan bingbing also therefore has"fan bingbing"this kind of domineering title!

about fan bingbing, relationships, eat the melon also are very concerned about the masses, fan bingbing and 15 now fell in love and has been a long time, are also known, but before 15 also spent heavily to propose to fan bingbing is successful, two people good estimates nearly.but before li chen's romance, fan bingbing had an open affair!

and the public romance, male leading role is xue-bing wang, fan bingbing, original and xue-bing wang is also the dynamic of love, is also open together and not avert suspicion, two people openly together day about a year, but according to fact two people together is almost two years, and for a period of time is a secret.

once the media photographed xue-bing wang and fan bingbing on photographs of swimming pool water, it looks is also very loving, but at the end of the two people not together, but broke up the bingbing also made a comeback for this relationship, and the breakup is sad!

about two people break up reason, two people have not spoken in public, but privately said seems to be two people together from much less, each have their own career, are all very busy, so break up, but the break up reason is showbiz couple penetration technique, so the credibility is not high!

according to the online some revelations, xue-bing wang break up first, as to why xue-bing wang dumped fan bingbing, some say xue-bing wang does fan bingbing figure, so break up, also said xue-bing wang is a cheat philandering emotional man.but from the perspective of the marriage records of xue-bing wang, he really could be a deception philandering man, xue-bing wang has been married three times, today's wife was born 1986, is a tvb anchorwoman, long well, 15 years younger than xue-bing wang, no problem of the old cow eat young grass!

now xue-bing wang because x events, almost is the entertainment circle, also rarely seen, is expected to be back or difficult!

and fan bingbing now has li chen, as well as each other!

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