tang yan disregard luo jin show good peer no exchange romance emergency? anxious users!

some time ago.tang yan has been in the crew, drink luo jin shooting tv series"go", according to the couple file starred in, take it is simply sweet honey too much, who thought, a small couple seems awkward, tang yan mood is low, the smooth and lively skateboarding, tang yan and luo jin in the crew of the car, is side by side parked, both staff, usually mixed together, looks very familiar with each other, often a chat, the relationship between the two, did not see what is wrong.

take the initiative to see tang yan's car door did not close, he was like the owner of the same, leg lift on the car, did not knock on the door to greet the day tang yan's state, it seems that some low, a film finished the game went straight to the car rest, walking around with his hand covered his stomach, it seems some cold!

luo jin is next to the car on the rest, tang yan's assistant also help him shirt hand in hand, but tang yan and luo jin did not exchange, do not know is not to the physiological period, not long before luo jin wearing a shirt get off the lines, followed by tang yan also got out to the studio to go, the two did not communicate.

is often something, it is difficult to luo jin accidentally provoke tang yan small master it? or hope that luo jin students good performance, make persistent efforts for the early pass it!

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